HONOURARY PROFESSORSHIP : ILLEC ,Nupe Language family felicitates Adamu Idris Manarakis

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The Nupe Language family has congratulated the Director,Nupe Language School,Adamu Idris Manarakis on the Honourary Professorial Award conferred on him by Smart International Academy,United Stare of America.
Read the statement in full :
Adamu Idris Manarakis’ journey started like that of a small scale business trader. After his JSS Certificate, he took Building Technology Education as his field of interest in his Senior Secondary School, his NCE program, and his First Degree program.
He ventured to writing and teaching in Nupe Language in 2012. He has grown from writing the first Nupe Mathematics book to establishing the first Nupe Language School in 2016. The institute is the first of its kind in Africa.
To say a big Thank You to Manarakis’ selfless service to the entire humanity (not only the Nupe people) through the teaching of Indigenous Languages, Smart International Academy, U.S, awarded him with an Honourary Professorial Award. This is another milestone. All sacrifices pay.
1. Nupe Short Story:
(Egun a da eti eguntso)
2. Nupe Names, (unpublished)
3. Nupe Names of Allah,
4. Nupe Pocket Guide (Draft),
5. Ndagi be Nnagi,
6. Cincin min be Labi AND Sokpa a kpa (Unpublished)
7. Nupe Poem (Shidugi),
8. Nupe Science & Tech (Unpublished)
9. Nupe History,
10. Nupe Day,
11. Nupe Grammar I,
12. Nupe Grammar II
13. Nupe Grammar & Vocabulary (Unpublished),
14. Nupe Dictionary (Unpublished),
15. Nupe Mathematics
16. Ecingi Nupe Tashiru,
17. Soko Deke,
18. Etsu Nupe; Yahaya Abubakar
19. Yogo,
20. Kangari,
21. Bicicin Kpako
22. Sarkin Arewan Nupe (Unpublished)
23. Nupe Festival (Unpublished)
24. Ganasa Nupe (Unpublished),
25. Nupe Newspaper;
(published for 10 months from 2017 till date).
Congratulations our model, our label, our Nupe orator and our tireless Director. We wish you many more happiness that will fulfill your mind, Amin.
Nupe Schools,
24 March, 2021.

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