2023 Population and Housing Census postponed for Tinubu administration’s input – Federal Commissioner

The Federal Commissioner representing Kebbi state in the National Population Commission (NPC), Dr Haliru Bala Jikan-Daudu said that the 2023 Population and Housing Census initially scheduled to be conducted from 3rd to 7th May 2023, was postponed to allow the new administration to take part in the process.


Dr. Jikan-Daudu made this known while speaking at a breakfast meeting for media executives on the 2023 population and housing census in Birnin-Kebbi. He expressed gratitude to Media Executives in attendance and their commitment towards the census process in Kebbi State.


The Hon. Federal Commissioner disclosed that the delay has also provided the Commission with an opportunity to further perfect their processes and systems for the first-ever digital census in Nigeria. Dr Jikan-Daudu informed the media that the objective of the breakfast meeting was to update them on the status of preparations and next steps in the light of the census’s postponement.


He explained that training had already begun for certain categories of personnel such as facilitators, data quality managers and more, stressing that the next categories of personnel to be trained are the supervisors and enumerators. And that the Commission will continue to maintain contact through online training and mentorship.


“The Commission had acquired personal digital assistants for the 2023 Census. About 500,000 of these devices have been delivered to the 36 state offices and the FCT and configured for the exercise. Adequate arrangement is being made for the storage and security of these equipment to prevent damages and theft”.


“In readiness for the census, the Commission had carried out massive advocacy and publicity for the 2023 Census at national and state levels. Media campaign was intensified while collaboration with stakeholders was strengthened through the inauguration of census publicity committees at national, state and LGA levels”.

“Publicity materials in English and local languages have been disseminated and social media has been deployed on a massive scale. The Commission will continue to carry out advocacy to ensure that the census messages remain at the centre of national discourse”, he said.


Dr Jikan-Daudu emphasized the importance of the census, which is not just a statistical exercise but a powerful tool that empowers us to make informed decisions that will impact the lives of our people for years to come. The census provides accurate and up-to-date data about our population, which is indispensable for effective planning and development.


The Hon. Federal Commissioner called on every individual to embrace the exercise, participate actively, provide accurate information, and encourage others to do the same. He urged all to ensure that no one is left behind and that their voices are heard through this census.


Dr Jikan-Daudu thanked attendees for their presence and commitment to the census process in Kebbi State and our great nation as a whole. Together, let us make this census a resounding success, which will shape the path towards a brighter future for Kebbi State and Nigeria.

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