Alone We Are Strong, Together We Are Stronger… By Hon. Prince Akínrẹ̀mí Jagaban

Our great party, the All Progressives Congress is one large family irrespective of ethnic, cultural and religious delineation among others. Our strength lies in our unity as evident on our logo, the broom.

Every member of the APC is a part of the progress recorded by our party since inception, and while majority are resident within the country, we have numerous members in diaspora.

Our members in the diaspora have contributed in no small measure to the growth of our party financially, and have also rendered human and material support at different points in time.

As such, we need to recognize and identify with them, more importantly, we should ensure to have them officially registered as card carrying members of the APC.

We should also ensure to make available a copy of the party’s constitution to them in hard copy or electronically, as they continue to represent the interest of our party well all across the world.

Diaspora members should know they have equal participatory chances in electioneering and general contributions in the APC, as we need all hands on deck, and the best from our pool of human resources to represent us at all times.

This is not a call to impose anyone from abroad over those that are resident in Nigeria, it however is a call for more participation by Progressives and lovers of Good Governance.


Prince Akínrẹ̀mí Jagaban,is a
Member representing Ìbàdàn North Federal Constituency in Federal House of Representatives,Abuja

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