Amotekun: Stop politics of misinformation against Oyetola By Ismail Omipidan

When American comedian, Groucho Marx, defined politics as “the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies,” he may not have had Nigeria in mind. But this definition aptly describes the situation in the country.

Here, politicians and their sympathisers play politics with everything including security matters.

In the last one year of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola administration, they had, albeit without success, tried to give him appelations that are at variance with his character and personality.

After several failed attempts, they appear to have found something- Amotekun to hang on him. But even at that, credible information in the public space indicate this move too is dead on arrival.

How do I mean? Long before the idea of Amotekun, Oyetola was working on unveiling a Joint Security Outfit, comprising Army, Navy, Airforce, Police, DSS and Civil Defence, with a handful of the locals to provide intelligence and information. But once the regional idea came up, he keyed in to demonstrate his commitment to regional integration. And Oyetola personally attended all the meetings held before the launch of Amotekun. In fact, on two or so occasions, only he and the host governor were present while others sent in representatives. How can such a man be accused of sabotaging Amotekun?

On the day of the launch of Amotekun, Oyetola had some pressing state matters to attend to. But to further demonstrate his commitment to Amotekum project, his Deputy, Deputy Chief of Staff, a commissioner and the governor’s CSO were in Ibadan to represent the governor at the event. His speech was read on the occasion by his Deputy. Besides, the 20 vehicles and their drivers contributed by The State of Osun, as each of the other States, were on ground in Ibadan.

On the day the FG declared the outfit as Illegal, the governor reacted promptly through his Chief Press Secretary, to state, among other things, that since it was collectively resolved to launch the initiative, they would meet and take a common stand on the FG’s position.

Pray! How else do those promoting the false tale that Oyetola was sabotaging Amotekun want him to react? Haba! Ariwo ko ni music o. Empty barrel lo un pariwo. Do a goggle search and you would realise that Oyetola was prompt in reacting to the issue the very moment the Attorney General of the Federation issued his release.

Stop this politics of misinformation!

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