An Open letter:Tinubu’s one year amidst hardship By Abba Dukawa

I use this medium with hope this open letter will reach your table. With anticipation those responsible with press cut will lay it before you in your table. Mr. President with utmost respect to you and your office, hope you are well. I pray that Allah to provides you with wisdom to make Nigeria great again.


You are aware this responsibilities bestowed on you by God it is a test on your faith both here and hereafter and definitely you will account for every deed and decisions you make under the oath as a president on the last day of judgement.


Even though becoming a president was your life time ambition which you have actualize it as it’s a rare opportunity for many to achieve their own dream to occupy the president office at one shoot. It is unfortunate the level of uncertainty in the Nigerian economy and hardship becoming unbearable to the citizens, conditions are not getting any better and the life was little bit better off from pre May 2023.


Since your inauguration on May 29, 2023, all hell has been unbound in the economy leading to the difficulties and uncertainty we are now face as a citizens and the country at large. To be honest, very few in Nigeria now believe that your economic reforms, can take the country anywhere but more into hardship.


Within one year in office the administration inflicted more hardship on Nigerians like you don’t want for the second term. Right now the policies have killed the strong and resilient ‘’informal economy’’ which formed the bedrock of sustenance of many Nigerians; and apparently you came with no concrete remedial economic plans to ameliorate the pains you have caused, leading Nigerians to believe you actually came to continue the woes Buhari inflicted.


Few weeks after your inauguration, poor people encounter uphill tasks of surviving as the prices of food items, transportation, and essential goods skyrocketed. Hunger, starvation and lamentation have become the order of the day. All the hardship the citizens and the country are going through were as a result of the removal of subsidy on petrol and later floated naira to compete with the dollar as a means of stabilising the volatility in the forex market.


These tough decisions taken by the administration has cause unspeakable damage to the well being of Nigerians the purchase power has greatly diminish where many families goes to bed without food in their table. Now Nigerians resorts to scavenge food leftover from eatery and hotels dustbin I saw different sexes are looking for food at the garbage. Buying medicines at patent medicine stores, has gone beyond the reach of the ordinary person as everything has become unaffordable.


The administration’s Renewed Hope is increasingly turning into Renewed Frustration for citizens. As Million Household been dehumanised by the economic hardship.


To understand the situation one may looks at the faces of poor people to understand the pains and anger their going through let one go to market stale to hear how people venting their anger on the administration.


Only, realistic thing to do under the circumstances is to go back to the drawing board as the administration economic reforms have lost whatever reverence and regard they have of you as a crusader for social justice in the country.


Within one year of your administration in office the economic policies implementing by your government has triggered more economic hardship to millions citizens one minute have a reason to smile, the very next second, make them feel heartbroken as the hardship is biting very hard the situation has pushed many people to take extreme measures.


It’s seem most of the policies, the administration announced them without an accompanying comprehensive plan of implementation that would benefit the majority of the people of the country.



*Dukawa writes in from Abuja can be reached at [email protected]


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