Appeal Court upholds Senator Isah Jibrin’s Electoral victory

In a landmark judgment, the Appeal Court today upheld Senator Isah Jibrin’s election, validating his victory after an earlier tribunal verdict annulled his win, ordering a rerun in some polling units. Senator Jibrin, representing Kogi East Senatorial District, lauded the court’s decision as a true reflection of the overwhelming support he received from the people of Kogi East during the election.

Delivering the judgment, the presiding Judge described the earlier tribunal verdict as a somersault of judicial process -akin to putting the cart before the horse.
Expressing gratitude for the court’s sound and firm judgment, Senator Jibrin emphasized that the ruling reaffirmed the mandate granted to him by his constituents. “This judgment is a revalidation of my mandate given to me by my people,” he remarked.
Looking beyond the legal battles, Senator Jibrin emphasized the need to now focus on consolidating his mandate and serving the people. “With the court struggles behind us, it’s time to concentrate on the business of lawmaking and ensuring excellent and equitable representation for the people,” the senator stated.
Furthermore, Senator Jibrin extended his felicitations to his competitor, Dr. Victor Adoji of the People’s Democratic Party, recognizing the spirited contest in the elections. He highlighted the importance of moving past election animosities and rebuilding bridges of camaraderie, stressing the need to reconnect the longstanding friendship that predates the electoral competition.
Senator Isah Jibrin’s positive outlook and commitment to fostering unity following the legal battle speak volumes about his dedication to serving the constituents and maintaining amicable relationships in the political sphere.

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