As Abusites set Abuja agog come this weekend… By Haruspice 

Ahmadu Bello University Alumni Association, Abuja Chapter bounces back in rejuvenated vigour as members are ready to reposition the Association to the glory of their Alma Mater. The association, which is a beautiful convergence of wonderful men and women who have been baked morally and intellectually from the great Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, is coming back bigger and better.


The Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, the largest

Nigeria’s premier university situated in north of the Sahel and south of the Limpopo has its alumni strategically placed in and out of Abuja. The University is reputed to be the only university with a cosmopolitan umbrella that provides canopy to all tribes, races, and faith in Nigeria. Unarguably the only mini Nigeria set up where every tribe is represented and housed.


At a time in Nigeria with the return of democracy in 1999, the school was reported to have its 23 alumni occupying government houses as governors, with about 20 alumni as federal ministers and 2/3 of Nigeria’s lawmakers graduating from the university. It’s a university that prides itself on a flagship standpoint of communalism, brotherhood and solidarity. You can’t go to ABU, Zaria and not have the blood of patriotism in your vein; it is a recruitment ground for deep-rooted nationalism; a place where the wall of prejudices is broken and common sense imbibed. No wonder, the alumni swim and walk around with the infectious slogan of “Every Abusite is naturally ahead and born leaders.” It is that same spirit that binds its alumni everywhere they find themselves, and the federal capital territory is the largest habitat for Abusites, as there is hardly any government, public and private establishments where you won’t find an ABU graduate. They hold tight and stimulate the pulse of Nigeria.


To further unify its alumni, the Abuja chapter of the association is going all out to harvest and harness its many alumni residents in the FCT. In days to come, the association shall be electing new executives to champion its affairs. For mere chapter election, everywhere is agog with excitement, no wonder Abusites are enviable cynosure of other university graduates. They do things in exceptionally, remarkable ways and seem to always set the pace. Indeed, the age-long maxim that there are only two universities in Nigeria- ABU and others is true. If you don’t have an ABU certificate in your kitty, you need to buy another JAMB form!!!


Naturally ahead musing

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