Bolanle Sarumi Aliyu eulogises Makinde at 53

Bolanle Aliyu Sarumi popularly known as BASA felicitated Makinde in a congratulatory message released to newsmen on Friday which reads in part:

“I want anybody that reads this to know that you are God’s chosen and they should try their best to drop grudges and speak the truth, does Makinde’s administration deliver good dividends of democracy for the people? If yes, then why do they choose to be blinded by selfish reasons, if truly these people care about the masses and the citizens of this State then they will do what I did and fold up their war clothes too and support a man of the people.

“Sincerely I dont know how you cope Excellency, I’m very sure you only get a few hours sleep everyday, and you read about selfish opponents attacking you everyday, those who care only about when they can simply be in your position, those who do not care if the masses are thriving.

“I will forever be your loyalist and supporter for the following reasons and more:

  1. You are making Oyo State one of the best States in Nigeria. Thank you, Excellency.
  2. You have given free education, this means alot to the less privileged and the benefits to the society is huge.
  3. You are building and equipping schools so that the poor child can become a great person tomorrow.
  4. You are equipping Hospitals and Primary Health Centers.
  5. Countless roads you are repairing and constructing so that people will not die on our bads roads and many will have easy access to their investments and livelihoods. Thank you Excellency.
  6. Excellency you ensure that every month all public and civil servants get paid on time and never faulted for one day in almost 2 years, this is a big deal as these funds circulate and assist everyone to thrive in this trying time.
  7. The pensioners both in Oyo State and even in the Diaspora sing your praises and pray for you on a daily basis, why?, because you are making sure they get paid what is due to them, even the backlogs of pensions owed years before you became the Governor you are also clearing them. For this act Excellency, the pensioners can give themselves a dignified life and live it well before they grow very old and go and be with the creator. Excellency thank you.
  8. To cap it all, you accepted my plea to work with you, Yes I do have my dream and that dream will never die because I am living it through Your Excellency and I am revelling in it because you are making me and millions proud of you, we are proud to call you our Governor.

*There’s no enough time to list the endless achievements of yours and the Government you formed. I will continue to wish you well and pray that God be there for you always my Excellency.

“I can’t seem to imagine how you do it all…I know it’s God that’s helping you and that’s my prayer always for you and I’m sure millions of the people pray this same prayer for you.

“Excellency please try hard and enjoy your day, enjoy today because it’s a special day, you deserve the best gift in this life, but I can’t afford it so i will ask God to please grant you all the most precious things you want in this life, may God also grant you long life in fantastic health and please watch over you, your beautiful wife and the lovely and beautiful Children you have.

“I BASA will forever cherish you Excellency and promise to pay back in good ways for the opportunity you gave me to serve under you Sir.

“With a happy heart, I wish you a happy and fantastic birthday Excellency. For you are a great man, our God’s sent Man (GSM), my boss, the people’s Governor and yes our returning Governor by God’s Grace 2023”

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