CANDIDO – More Than Just A Council Chairman

In 2016 when he came on board, he almost converted his Aides to what I described as “a semi- para- military” due to activities of providing Services to the people especially what he achieved in his first one year.

In his 3years mandate, he was absolutely superb and magnificent when it comes to Governance and services to the Good people of AMAC as a true son of the soil.

But today, I saw his passion while listening to the 19 International Donor Agencies who a domicile within the Municipality ( Courtesy of the S.A ICT,CSO & Donor Agencies). Just like Oliver twist, the jiwa born Chairman is asking for more.

Its about partnership with the council on different platforms and areas to improve the living standard of the people. His passion in uplifting the rural/Village people is something unmeasurable as far as Community Development concept is concern, and as someone who comes from a village and still lives in the same village.

His legacy of AMAC-IPDC, AMAC MARSHAL, AMAC MFB, AMAC Shopping Mall, AMAC ICT/Innovations and School for the Gifted, AMAC community Radio which is waiting for Presidential Approval as well as a standing Committee on Unity and Community Development is something people used to ask questions on CAN IT BE SUSTAINED AFTER HIM?

What an Indept and emotional question. Sustainability of Concepts and Ideas of Great people has been a Challenge in African leadership but we hope his ideas won’t die after him

Hitherto verily, Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido is indeed :-
* A man of Excellence,
* Honor,
* A true Definitions of Innovations and Conceptual Ideas,
* And A Digital/ Conceptual Leader.

My head swelled listening to their presentations of ideas and Development and am indeed proud to belong to one of the best leadership that Abuja Municipal Area Council had in history.



Jibreel Muhammad Babangoshi
Is The Chief Press Secretary to the Chairman

September 26th,2019

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