Clarion Call To Yoruba Traditional Rulers And Gbogbo Omo Yoruba By Erelu Oodua Mabel Tinuade

It is not longer a news that Omoyele Sowore was unlawfully incarcerated for four months for unjust cause. Despite the directives by the court of competent jurisdiction to release him, they still held on to him.

Only yesterday, he was released and took to the Federal High Court, Abuja this morning in order to finalize the bail. To my utter surprise, it was reported that the men of DSS invaded the said court to rearrest him which led to an untoward maltreatment and roughened up.

The operatives of the DSS in broad day light chased away all officials in the court including the Judge with guns. This invasion and other actions of DSS are all invitation to anarchy. It is a complete desecration of our democratic tenets and legal order which needs to be condemned by every right thinking Nigerian.

Is Sowore the cause of insecurity, economic crunch, unabated corruption and other sundry problems that have bedevilled Nigeria over the years that Nigerian government couldn’t resolve?

This is a deliberate attempt by the Northerners to deal with Sowore and if care is not taken in Yoruba land, the unexpected would happen to that energetic, vibrant and promising gentleman who at the moment is our voice and a future Nigerian leader.

If democracy is the system of government we have chosen to practise, then the responsibility lies on everydoby, be it leaders and the led to respect all the fundamentals of democracy and protect it against any form of rape against it.

It is on this note that I call all Yoruba traditional rulers and elders to wake up from their slumbers to save this our innocent and promising child, Omoyele Sowore, from this nocuous act the Northern hegemony have been melting on him over four months.

We all witnessed the case of MKO Abiola here in Nigeria and eventually we lost him. This is another look alike case now!

Our traditional leaders should act fast before it degenerates to an unwanted situation.

In conclusion, this is a clarion call to all Yoruba traditional institutions and elders to save Omoyele Sowore now.

Long may you reign, Kabiyes!

O’dua a gbe wa o!

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