Coup d’etat : Nigeria cuts electricity supply to Niger as plot to begin military action thickens

As part of its drastic measures by the regional bloc—ECOWAS aimed at forcing the military junta in Niger Republic to revise back to constitutional government, major cities in the Niger have been thrown into darkness after Nigeria abruptly cut its power supply to the neighbouring West African country.


The development followed an emergency meeting by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), where sanctions, including freezing utility services, were slammed on the Niger over its coup.


The cities of Niamey, Maradi, and Zinder each witnessed about an hour of electricity at a time before it went off for about five hours. This is quite unusual in the Niger Republic, which usually enjoys a more reliable electricity supply.


Niger Republic is heavily dependent on Nigeria for most of its electricity supplies.


The Transmission Company of Nigeria, when questioned by the press on the Niger power cuts, declined to comment on the issue. But a source told BBC that the electricity supply to Niger was cut on Tuesday following a presidential directive.


On Sunday, West African leaders gave the military junta one week to give up power or face possible military intervention.


Meanwhile, in a classified letter sighted by this medium, plans are on top gear to attack Niger Republic and the Nigerian military is reportedly being mobilised to Sokoto in the northwest, to launch an air offensive on the junta controlled nation.



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