DHQ charges Nigerians to support fight against Terrorism …. as Troops Neutralize 191 terrorists, apprehend 184,104 BH/ISWAP members surrendered

The Defence Headquarters has called on Nigerians to collaborate with Nigerian military in the ongoing military operations against Terrorism and other forms of criminality in Nigeria.

Nigerian military has charged all Nigerians to give maximum support to the troops and ensure that no terrorist,and other criminal elements including their collaborators escaped military onslaught unhurt.DHQ said the military can not end terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria without the support of Nigerians.
Major General Edward Buba ,Director, Defence Media Operations(DMO),disclosed this today Thursday 28th September,2023 at the biweekly media briefing held in Abuja.
General Edward Buba maintained that all Nigerian must remained committed to the success of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency war for the development of our dear nation.
” The perpetrators of the insecurity are not ghosts, they have families, and relations and are from villages and communities in the country.
“This underscores the need for our counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency war to remain a reflection of a whole of society’s commitment.
“Through a whole-of-society approach, we will suffocate any hope that these groups have of victory through senseless killings and dastardly acts.
“Our mission against terrorists, insurgents, and perpetrators of insecurity in the country should not be seen as the exclusive preserve of just the military alone.
“Experience reveals that military means alone can not neutralize terrorism and insurgency.
“Indeed, while we all are from one locality or another, not everyone can be in the military. Recognising this, there are several ways society can show its commitment in support of the overall objective to defeat terrorism and insurgency in the country. Importantly, such commitment should reflect and align with the will of the people.” General Buba stated.
While giving highlights of the success of the military operations in the last few weeks,the Director of Media Operations said Nigeria troops successfully neutralized 191 terrorists, and apprehended 184 members, while 104 BH/ISWAP terrorists and their families surrendered to troops across various Theatre of Operation.
He said “About ongoing operations in the last weeks, the military neutralized 191 terrorists. Troops then arrested 184 terrorists, and 22 perpetrators of oil theft, and rescued 91 kidnapped hostages while a total of 104 BH/ISWAP terrorists and their families surrendered to troops across theatres of Operation. Troops denied oil theft of an estimated sum of Three Hundred and Eighty-Eight Million Four Hundred and Sixty-Nine Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Naira (N388,469,650.00).
“Additionally, troops recovered 209 assorted weapons and 2,894 assorted ammunition. The breakdown is as follows: 46 AK47 rifles, 8 G3 rifles, one SMG, one PKT gun, 11 locally made rifles, 8 Dane guns, 2 locally made revolvers, 9 locally fabricated AK47 rifles, one locally made SMG, 2 high-grade military rifles, 3 locally made IED launchers, 3 locally made pistols, one x 36 hand grenade, IEDs, 5 Ak47 rifles loaded with 113 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, 837 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, 289 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 275 rounds of 9mm ammo and 43 live cartridges.
“Others are one unserviceable FN rifle, 22 rounds of 7.62 x 54mm ammo, 4 rounds of 7.62mm special (refilled), 32 magazines, 3 G3 magazines, 45 empty cases of 7.62mm NATO ammo, daggers, 15 cutlasses, 14 vehicles, 9 motorcycles, 7 bicycles, 4 fragmental jackets, one tripod, 2 boafeng radios, 24 mobile phones and the sum of N55,798,105.00.
“Troops in the Niger Delta area discovered and destroyed 38 dugout pits, 21 boats, 57 storage tanks, 3 tapping hoses, 4 drum receivers, 89 cooking ovens, 6 pumping machines, 3 outboard engines, and 34 illegal refining sites. Troops recovered 696,250 liters of stolen crude oil, 54,400 liters of illegally refined AGO, and 1,200 liters PMS”.
”Accordingly, our message to these individuals and groups, is that the military is laser-focused on pursuing peace and security in the country, by pursuit of those that threaten the peace of the Country.
“The armed forces remain unperturbed by the evil machinations of these extremist groups. Their nefarious tactics have been exposed for what it truly is, which is a mere ploy to self-enrichment through killings.

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