Olori Omo’ba: A Rising Fuji King By Olaleye Olawale

Intentional and unpretentious, the rising of the fuji king, Wasiu Ayinde, professionally known as K1 De Ultimate, is an interesting case study in human growth and development. It’s a typical story of grass to grace or, better still, poverty to riches.


From consciously improving his education to building a network of wealthy clique, creating expensive contacts that cut across ages and statuses, and endlessly carving a niche for his trade – the fuji music – K1, as he prefers to be called, left the poverty and misery station decades ago.


A close and sincere observation of his character traits shows nothing comes his way by happenstance. They are intentioned. It starts by desiring something, and he goes all out, even if stealthily, to plan and execute with a degree of precision. He doesn’t mind if the end justifies the means, sometimes.


You hardly see him coming. But he does something unique instead. He drops a hint and moves on. But the next time you hear about it, it is done. He appears to have understood the tricks to fulfilling his own destiny, particularly the distinguishing peculiarity, and he activates his plans with a clear head.


A man of his kind of destiny is hardly without controversy, and he has had his fair share over the years. But as he climbs further the ladder of growth in many spheres of life, so have his controversies increased, however, not strong enough to stand in his way or frustrate his destiny.


Today, he is being installed as the Olori Omo’ba of Ijebuland, an honourary title that commands class, honour, and respect. The controversy that attended his choice was not unexpected. But does he deserve it? Maybe yes!


The last holder of that title, Otunba Olasubomi Balogun, although in a different class, peaked in his chosen field and epitomised humongous success. He carried himself so well with dignity, panache, and respect. That’s why the debate that the title cannot be for “just anybody” gained traction.


Using the same premise to assess the choice of K1, he clearly ticks the boxes, too – all of them, actually. He has not only succeeded in his chosen career, but he has continued to break new grounds and expand his coast. He has fuji in his grip. That’s success!


With his understanding of the business side to his trade, he is gradually building an empire and has crossed the line of contemplation when greatness in one’s discipline is thrown up for discussion. He is very political and smart enough to align rightly, and this has further enhanced his many breakthroughs, propelling him to where he is today.


No one needs to like K1 or his guts, but do not deny him what he earned. It is only fair, therefore, to acknowledge his hard work and admit that he is not where he is today by sheer luck or accident, but through deliberate tending of his dreams into reality, amid very tough challenges.


Perhaps, the most ideal prayer to say to him is that he should not become so conceited now to disregard the place of God in all that he’s become. Like the Yoruba will say, “O ni jo’ra e l’oju o.” Amin

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