EEDUL-FITR : AMF felicitates Muslims, charges faithful to continue upholding tenets of Ramadan

The Abuja Muslim Forum(AMF)has  felicitated with Muslims around the globe as faithfuls celebrate Eedul-Fitr today, the 1st of Shawwal, 1442 (13th May, 2021).
The forum in a statement signed by the Ameer,Ustadh (Barr) Luqman Jamiu Ahmad said Eedul-Fitr was an occasion for eating, drinking, exchange of pleasantries and extraordinary display of brotherhood, unity and love.
” It is our fervent prayer that Allah the Almighty should spare us to witness many more of this blessed day.
AMF therefore charged Muslims not to exceed the limits set by Allah under whatever guise as they celebrate with their loved ones.
AMF said  “All the vices that we jettisoned while the month of Ramadan lasted remain nothing but vices at all times. As such, they should be kept at bay permanently.
“Conversely, all the virtues that we represented during the holy month are just the normal standard expected of us as Muslims. So, we should not deviate from them for a moment. Our ability to that is the strongest indication that our acts of devotion, kindness and benevolence in the just concluded month were accepted by Allah, the Best of all Reckoners.
“Also, we should remember our dear nation in our solemn petitions to our Creator. May Allah return absolute normalcy to Nigeria and grant our leaders the required determination, energy, selflessness and other resources and qualities needed to make things work well.
“There is no doubt that  a hand cannot clap. Thus, the obligation to make things work effectively is not exclusively on the leadership. The citizenry as well have much to do. Let everyone in his small corner act responsibly as if he is physically seeing the angels assigned to record his deeds. Never do to the nation and your fellow citizens what you hate to be done to you.
“If we sincerely put all hands on the deck our national woes, including but not limited to corruption, insecurity and economic doldrums, shall vanish and be forgotten altogether.
“Masjidul-Aqsa, ‘the bleeding dome’, as recently referred to by a writer, is truly under severe threat, and our Palestinian brothers whose natural habitat is around it have been under ceaseless, massive, cruel and conspiratorial attack, fire and neglect for decades. What a world full of injustice, hypocrisy and avoidable crisis! At this point the AMF tearfully appeal to everyone who has sympathy for Masjidul-Aqsa and the Palestinians to include them in his supplications. After all, the ultimate power belongs to Allah Who created everything and is watching over us.
“We wish to remind the Muslim populace of the six day fasting recommended in this month of Shawwal by the Noble Prophet Muhammad, SAW.
“O Allah, answer our prayers and make Nigeria a better place for all”.

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