Sheikh El-Zakzaky speaks to the Press

The leader of Islamic movement of Nigeria (IMN), popularly known has Shiite group Shiek Ibrahim El-Zakzaky has spoken to the press today.
PRNigeria provides this transcript from one-minute, 20-second interaction between Sheikh ElZakzaky with the journalists at a Safe Facility in Abuja. He walked towards the journalists in a white flowing gown with a turban.
The journalists moved towards him. They were cracking jokes and continued thus:
Journalist: Good Afternoon sir?
Sheikh Zakzaky: How are you?
Journalist: Can we have a word with you?
Sheikh Zakzaky: If they agree and allow me (He says so jokingly)
Journalist: How are you feeling now?
Sheik El-Zakzaky: I am feeling better the security (officers) have allowed me to see my doctor, my personal doctor. I thank God. I am improving
Journalist: Do you have anything to add.
Sheikh El-Zakzaky: I thank you for all your prayers
Journalist: Thank you sir
Sheikh ElZakzaky: Thanks (As he walked away)
Transcript by PRNigeria

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