EID-IL-ADHA: Al-Usrah Urges Nigerians To Embrace Peace

An Islamic group,Al-Usrah Incorporated has commemorated with Nigerian Muslims and the entire country on the occasion of the Eid-il-Adha otherwise known as Celebration of Sacrifice as exemplified by Prophet Ibrahim.

The Islamic group in a sallah message
Signed by its President/Imam, Professor A. O. Kilani said the day of Eid and the three days after mark the end of fourteen days of worship and celebration for Muslims all over the world.

Al-Usrah stated that Muslims used this period perform pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca as part of our religious obligation.

“We use this medium to commend the government efforts in tackling the high level of insecurity in the

The spate of kidnapping, banditry, ethnic and religious stereotyping is becoming so alarming.

Nobody feels safe anymore. Our hope is that all tiers of government would work together to reduce this monstrous situation that’s threatening the socio-political and economic life of the country.

They have been elected and given the mandate to protect lives and properties of all Nigerians irrespective of his or her
background. No tribe or group must be made sacrificial lamb; all persons find wanting must be brought to book.

We are indeed worried by the ethnic profiling of a particular tribe. It is our belief that this trend if not reversed is capable of causing disaffection in the minds of the targeted tribe. It is unjust to allege or insinuate that a particular tribe is solely responsible for all form of criminalities as some main stream media outlets and social media currently suggest.

Hate speeches and propagation of fake news are inimical to social cohesion.
We also want to appeal to the youths especially the organizers of the #Revolutionnow that rather than
revolting and creating a platform for miscreants and political jobbers to take advantage and further plunge the country on the path to self-destruct, they should be patience and channel their grievances through appropriate government apparatus to jointly find lasting solutions to Nigeria perennial problems.

We believe that the current government would be willing to give listening ears to ideas that can help move the country
forward.” the statement read.

Al-Usrah then pleaded with the government to charge all arrested demonstrators in connection with the protests to court if they have reasonable grounds and evidence to do so in the spirit of the Eid otherwise they should be released.

The group further urged Muslims and all Nigerians to use this occasion of sacrifice to reflect deeply on the lessons of Eid-il-Adha that no nation survives without sacrifices.

“We must sacrifice ethnicity and tribalism for true nationalism; sacrifice avarice for generosity; sacrifice indiscipline for discipline; sacrifice hatred and bigotry
for love and tolerance; sacrifice ignorance for knowledge; sacrifice criminality for being law abiding and above all sacrifice injustice for justice.

Religious bodies and personalities should sacrifice politics for objectivities and God consciousness they should rather pray for politicians to be rightly guided”.the group added.

Al-Usrah therefore prayed for all the Muslims at the Hajj that Allah accepts their pilgrimage and Muslims at home that Allah accept their sacrifices.

The group also prayed for Nigeria prosperity and advancement, that Allah guideposts Nigerian leaders aright and put all Nigeria enemies to shame.

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