Ekiti Diaspora signs MOA with Vietnamese partners for Ekiti state cattle ranch

Following their signed Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) by the immediate past Ekiti State Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi for the establishment of a cattle ranch in Irele Ekiti, a group of Ekiti indigenes in the Diaspora under a CAC-registered EkitiKete Livestock Development Company Limited, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that was formed to drive the cattle ranch initiative, today signed a MOA with the Vietnam Africa Economic Cooperation Alliance (VAECA) and the Vietnam Institute of Africa and Middle East (IAMES).


Known as the Nigeria-Vietnam Investment Facilitation Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), this major milestone was facilitated by the Nigeria-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NVCCI).


In his remarks, the President of NVCCI Mr. Oye Akinsemoyin said he was particular elated with the signing of this agreement as it has provided the needed “bedrock upon which everything else would be laid.” Mr. Akinsemoyin, who said he’s partly an Ekiti son as his mother hails from the state, said the several works that happened behind the scenes for this event to come to fruition didn’t go to waste after all.


Professor Le Phuoc Minh, who spoke for the Vietnam Institute of Africa and Middle East (IAMES) said he was also excited that the parties concerned finally signed the MOA and that he was looking forward to a “good and long lasting relationship with Ekitikete Livestock Development Company.” Dr. Le Quy Kha who represented the Vietnam Africa Economic Cooperation Alliance (VAECA) spoke in a similar vein.


The interim Chairman of EkitiKete Livestock Development Company Mr. Ranti Omole said he was also happy that a project that started a little over two years ago now has a clearer path towards affecting the real economic development and sustainability of the state with the signing of the MOA. Mr. Omole said the MOA was a good example of what can happen between Nigeria and Vietnam.


The Interim Chairman acknowledged the role played by Prof. Bolaji Aluko and Femi Odere, both of whom served in the Fayemi administration as DG/SA, Office of Transformation, Strategy and Delivery (OTSD) and Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Affairs to Gov. Fayemi respectively.


“I can say without equivocation that this project is actually the baby of Mr. Femi Odere because of his consistent admonition to us not to give up on the state because we had wanted to call it quits due to what we believed are unnecessary bottlenecks and annoying bureaucracy on several occasions,” Mr. Omole said.


“The tenacity of both men has made it possible to cross this line today and very soon work will start on the 252 hectares that we have been allocated for our stated purpose in Irele Ekiti,” the chairman added.


In his remarks, the erstwhile SSA on Diaspora Affairs Mr. Femi Odere said he was also happy that he was able to have added value, in his own modest way, to the administration of Gov. Fayemi who gave him the opportunity to serve the state.


“What’s even more remarkable about this event today, which I must say, is that here you have some Ekiti sons and daughters in the Diaspora, most of whom never knew each other from Adam but have shared passion for the growth and development of their state in which they’re desirous of being a part. I have said this before and it bears repeating again that real sustainable development can only be possible if Nigerians themselves are integral to the development of the country and her subnationals,” Mr. Odere said.


“The cattle ranch initiative and the signing of this MOA is therefore the highest point of my public service career in the Fayemi administration,” he added.


Some of the people behind the cattle ranch initiative, aside the chairman, witnessed the event. These are Olumide Ogunleye, Mrs. Mopelola Omotosho, Adeyemi Akeju, Kunle Jinadu and Victor Adeyemo.


The event was on zoom and there was the clinging of wine and water glasses to celebrate this major milestone by the participants.

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