FARMERS/HERDERS CLASHES -House of Reps seeks corporation with relevant stakeholders

The House of Representatives has resolved to end the incessant farmers/herders’ clashes in the country; using a multi-faced approach to achieve a lasting peace.

Deputy Speaker of the House, Benjamin Kalu stated this at a meeting between the Chairmen and members of the Ad-Hoc committee to interface with relevant stakeholders in Abuja.

Nigeria is home to many violent conflicts, one of which is the farmers-herders conflict that has posed severe security challenges in the country.

The meeting between the House and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Gombe State Government and relevant stakeholders was with a view to find lasting solution to the recurring clashes between farmer and herders in Yamaltu-Deba and neighboring Local Government Areas, including other regions of the country with similar incident.

Deputy Speaker of the House stressed that the clashes have resulted in avoidable losses of lives and property which has over 60,000 people killed since 2001.

He noted that the number of deaths, injuries, and kidnapped persons constitutes an alarming situation and poses a serious national security challenge for Nigeria’s quest to attain food security and alternative foreign earnings from the agricultural sector.

Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Aliyu Bappa in his remark ,said the issues faced by farmers and herders have reached a critical juncture, demanding their immediate attention and collaborative efforts to finding sustainable solution.

He added that the conflicts have not only disrupt rural communities but socio economic and negative political implications.

The primary objective of the meeting is to bridge the divide and foster improved understanding among farmers and herders; taking into cognizance the unique challenges faced by the groups by promoting dialogue, building trust and creating an environment where mutual respect and shared prosperity can thrive.


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