Felicitation with an Ambassador of Peace, Mayor Abu Imam, Dan- Amana of Ebiraland and Diaspora on his Coronation (Turbaning) as Onizeiza ( Dan-Amana ) of Ebira by His Royal Majesty Ohinoyi Alhaji Dr. Ado Ibrahim, Atta Ebira.

The Title Confered on Alhaji Abu Imam is putting the right peg in the right hole as Ebira Traditional setting is concern which his wealth of experience, wisdom, intellectual capacity and Leadership qualities , good sense of humour, enterprise cum emotional intelligence will be most needed. As he was brought up to be honest, Hardworking, disciplined with integrity and service to humanity which is the hallmark and legacy of his family who are notable Islamic Scholars in Ebiraland and beyond.

Alhamdulillah thanks and utmost gratitude to Allah for His mercies upon Alhaji Abu Imam for this important, Sunnatic Title As-Siddiq (Onizeiza) a similitude of the Title given to Khalifa Abubakar by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ). May you use yours to serve the servants of Allah in Ebiraland and in Diaspora as a Vicegerent of Allah on EARTH. In Shaa-Allah
I started admiring your leadership style when you initiated and Champion the Ebira Peace Project and the Proudly Anebira Group for the Unity and Peaceful Coexistence of Ebira Elites and the Masses is second to none. Our collective prayers for you our dear Dan-Amana is to hold on to the TRUTH, trust (Amana), and deliver the message to the people of Kogi State as a leader of a designated community -Ebiraland. We pray that Allah shall bless you with wisdom of leadership and mentorship to all and sundry during your reign as Onizeiza to turn around positively the life of Youth in particular and humanity in general.
May Allah in His infinite Mercy grant you patience (Sabr), Hikmah (WISDOM), heart of forgiveness, accommodation for all, open HEART, accessibility, and all-inclusive approach of leadership to create synagy between the Ohinoyi and the Ohi’s and also the Daudu’s.
I urge you to replicate the legacy left behind by your Grand father a Saint whose grave is always neatly Kept/clean without a drops of leave despite a big tree giving it Shade Sheikh Imam Yahaya Tajudeen and your beloved father Imam AbdulRahim Yahaya Tajudeen and also of your elder brother Alhaji Jimoh AbdulRahim-Wali of Ebiraland. May Allah accept their efforts as Sadaqatu-Jariah and grant them more nuur in their graves. May Allah enable you to leverage on their legacies to serve as mirror and mentor on holding up to “Integrity ” and Honesty and above all the love for upholding the banner of Islam higher towards Peaceful Coexistence in our Cosmopolitan Society.
May Allah Rahmah be with you in your endeavours as you’re planning to succeed in the assignment of a good leader as Onizeiza (Dan-Amana). Remember that you’re going to be accountable for the stewardship of leadership entrusted upon you to Allah on the Day of Judgement. Be Just, be honest, be sincere and be prayerful for the guidance of Allah to direct you in making upright decision.I want you to remember that Leadership is a DIVINE TRUST from Allah and a responsibility for the servants of Allah.
Your successful achievement both in business and personal life along with your deep involvement in Community development is an admiration for our Youth who will always stand up for your support as long as you are on the right path of advancing Justice and Equity in your domain.
Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’allah) will guide, bless, protect and strengthen you to effectively and efficiently discharge your responsibilities. May He illuminate your heart with a clear vision of how to help in positively repositioning the Traditional Institution in our dear Kogi Central .
Please accept my regards of the highest esteem, looking forward to the unfolding of great things under your reign in good health, long life and prosperity.
* Ustaz Yunus Salahudeen-Anda is
A Management Consultant and Public Commentator.
14th August 2023

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