Garba @56: A Golden Toast For Kano’s Chief Image Maker By Abba Dukawa

Despite the convulsion threatening the survival of the contemporary society, one can still boast of great men, though few, who stand tall in the society.

Men who write their names in gold while others write theirs in charcoal. In the heart of thousands of people, they can never be forgotten. The names and good deeds of such men will always shine like stars. Such individuals of unique characters are celebrated everywhere, an action which encourages them to reach their peak, thereby serving as an impetus to younger generation.

Giants strides made by man are usually relieved with pomp and pageantry. While some roll out the milestone amidst glass clinging, some play the breakthrough low but, all in praises and in anticipation of better future ahead. In this momentous instance, the success story always overshadows the nauseating hurdles and barricades accompanying such feats

As such Public office holder requires some attributes to attain unrivalled position such as honesty, courage, dedication, intelligence, foresight, maturity and compassion among others. Well-positioned and revered public servant normally possesses such attributes and the ability to carry along not only their subordinates but the entire system. It is a fact that the public service sector had suffered a lot either at national or state levels because of bureaucracy ineffectiveness and naive public servants who have no zeal to work. Nevertheless, there are few people here and there who are gradually changing the tides through diligence, professionalism, and due process. This kind of public servant that excel in their responsibility need to be celebrated as Comrade Muhammadu Garba clocks the age of 56.

I am celebrating this seasoned journalist of global repute. He is an excellent technocrat and loyal politician who takes up the challenges, faces commitments without hesitations as he approaches his assignments as Chief Image Maker Of The Kano State Government with dedications, humility and candour. His desire to get the best out of every situation is one philosophy that has really worked wonders, thereby catapulting him to the top.

Despite his achievements of being former Deputy National President Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) later President of the Union and the President, West African Journalists Association (WAJA) but to us Triumphant in the Triumph family’s his greatest mark as the state commissioner of information was his commitment toward the revitalisation of the Triumph Publishing company which was closed down in 2012 by the former governor Kwankwaso. Malam Muhammadu Garba proves to be a true Triumphant in the Triumph family. He is an undisputable ambassador of the newspaper by ensuring that the organisational has been revitalized by the present administration after the newspaper was brutally and unceremoniously closed down. Perhaps, the decision of the commissioner to work assiduously in seeing to the actualization of the bringing back to life of the newspaper was informed by his awareness that Triumph Publishing Company is not just a newspaper publishing company but a training ground for journalists in the northern part of Nigeria. for, to argue that the company had produced a number of journalists, who had made their marks in the profession and thus creating waves in all aspect of human endeavour is an under statement.

The Triumph Newspaper had produced prominent journalists across the country. Some Triumphant in the Triumph family rose the position of permanent secretaries in the state civil service, other are held various position of in the Federal Civil Service and others on the lists of Triumphant in the Triumph family break stints in the academia.

One thing even his critics can’t take away from him is the fact that he, harbours no ill feelings and animosity against his critics. Taking into considerations his antecedents and his contemporary activities, one will, without the fear of contradiction, argue that the honourable commissioner, in most instances, sees his critics not as enemies. In fact, he treats them nicely, a disposition that has made him the toast of every media practitioners, staff of the state Ministry information and other peoples across the line. He is a man of valour who cherishes excellence and can hold his own among his peers. and is a man of substance whose administrative acumen is worthy of emulation especially his eyes for details and excellence.

Comrade Muhammadu Garba believes in excellence and promotes it in all spheres of life. His humility knows no bounds as he respects anyone regardless of age and social status. A detribalized professional, Muhammadu Garba has the desire to get the best out of every situation, a philosophy that has really worked wonders, thereby catapulting him to the top. His attitude to work has profound influence on many people as he handles every job with dispatch. There is no better way to confirm this than his regular presence at his office and the unprecedented record he has achieved in his five years stint as commissioner. The open door policy he adheres to religiously is no doubt an unambiguous manifestation of a man who has nothing to hind.

I am certain that comrade Muhammadu Garba provided much needed leadership in steering the affairs of the ministry. As the days passed, his leadership qualities and his proactive approach became evident to all. He is a truly an asset to Ganduje’s administration. Just during peace parley dialogue with journalists in Kano Governor Commended the Honourable Commissioner for job well done as he appreciate his services to the state and the government toward promoting its activities. Saying “I have known him for more than 30 years and, worked with him closely right from when I was a commissioner, during the late Colonel Abdullahi Wase’s Administration, to the times i was a Deputy Governor at the returned of civilian adminstration, and as Governor till today. He has in deed, proven to be a journalist of international repute as my information commissioner. Through his skills, hard work and dedication, the government has enjoyed positive publicity which I hope will continue, even better”.

In the lives of many, birthdays are usually periods for sober reflections. The period for stocktaking. Numerous personalities with eyes on the verdict of history use such occasions to reflect on their contributions to the betterment or otherwise of their societies. However, Comrade Muhammadu Garba silently allowed the occasion of his 56th Birthday anniversary passed on in strict compliance with his natural humility and simplicity.

He is able to redefine the work ethics with an eye on the yearnings and aspirations of the work force of his ministry and his colleagues .in the lives of many, birthdays are usually periods for sober reflections .The period for stocktaking. Comrade Garba is a man of his words and amazingly bold. He means every word he says and goes for it. His statements are never taken for granted as they are astonishingly translated into action for the good of the people. He commands a lot of respect from his colleagues and the peoples within and outside of state largely due to the way he articulates his ideas and thoughts each times he speaks as peoples listen with rapt attention.

I am indebted to my undisputable boss who mentored me and assisted me tremendously to learn art of good and developmental journalism. I can remembered being a fresher in the company. He took his kind interest in me despite his tight schedule. He had the time for me and freshers like me. He used to lecture me after which he assigned topics about which i wrote analytical article as it affected members of public. To my Presido a selfless public servant and an uncommon Triumphant in the Triumph family who thinks more about the other person’s feelings, wishing him sound health and wisdom to deliver on the mission for a greater Kano state as he clocks 56.

Malam Muhammadu Garba a seasoned journalist with an experience that spans over three decades. Comrade Garba started his career as a Reporter at Triumph Publishing Company, Sub-Editor, Chief Sub-Editor, Group News Editor and Deputy Editor as well as member of Editorial Board of many National Newspapers. He begins his Union Activism of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), as The Triumph Chapel Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), later elected two-term chairman of the state council of the union and was its Deputy National President, from where he contested and won the Presidency of the Nigeria Union of Journalists NUJ in 2009 for two terms.

He was elected President, West African Journalists Association (WAJA) in Bamako, Mali and President, Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) in Casablanca, Morocco 2009 and was elected member, Steering Committee of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in Dublin, Ireland.
Other Adhoc appointments held by Comrade: member Board of Directors, Kano State Broadcasting Corporation 1995; Secretary, Hajj Operation, Kano State Government 1995; Member Board of Directors, 10th FIFA Coca-Cola Youth Championship Nigeria 1999 (Kano Sub Seat); Chairman Media Publicity Committee, Nigeria Union of Journalists 1999;Member Governing Board of the Nigeria Press Council; Member, Publicity Sub-Committee of the National Council on Privatisation. Other are Member, National Council on African Peer Review Mechanism; Member of the Federal Government Flood Rehabilitation and Resettlement Committee;Convener, Media, and Publicity, Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P); and Commissioner representing the Civil Society, Fiscal Responsibility Commission. Muhammad Garba was appointed Commissioner for Ministry of Information, Youth, Sports and Culture in the state in 2015, and still retained his position in the second tenure of of the Ganduje administration.

Dukawa write from Kano and can be reached at [email protected]

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