Gov Abu Sani Bello and 576km of Rural roads in Niger state. By Abdullberqy U Ebbo

Very often people are disposed to expect lies from public officials. When we put out information, the first position is to doubt the truism of our content, especially when the projects we report appear fantastical.

So I was not surprised in the least when I came under serious attack after I published that Niger State Government has in conjunction with RAMP, constructed about 576km of rural roads.

The hostility has been unkind, some less kind than others as some even went as far as insulting my person and my parents. As a human being, naturally one is inclined to not enjoy these kind of reactions, but it comes with the job.

To be clear, we are not afraid of being contradicted. Those who doubt the veracity of whatever information we put out have a perfect right to come forward and present their own counter information. We welcome all, even those who contradict us so long as we maintain respect for each other’s persons, and never forget that the objective is the advancement of our dear state.

But the good thing about telling the truth is the confidence it comes with. We are not afraid of being contradicted because not only is our claim true, it is tangible. Anybody who doubts our words, our pictures and even our videos is at liberty to go on ground and see for themselves except of course they are just out to perpetuate mischief as many are inclined to do.

To put an end to this debate, below is the data of the ongoing construction of roads we reported. Fair minded people may wish to visit the sites and see for themselves. As Hausawa would say, Gani ya kori ji.

We are certain that NO GOVERNOR in the history of our dear state has taken development to our rural areas like Gov Abu Sani Bello.


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