GOVERNOR ABUBAKAR SANI BELLO’S TOUR : Catalyst for Sustainable Development By Fodio Ahmed

Good governance is an organized and efficient process that produces desired results. In other words, good governance entails the availability of a functional system of operation that accounts for growth and development. In a democratic system of governance, transparency is the MOTHER of accountability while functionality is the FATHER of advancement. The truism is that, without transparency and functionality, developmental
strides cannot be measured.
Governor Abubakar Sani Bello has within almost 3years of his administration proven that his election as the Executive Governor of Niger State was not a mistake as he springs up surprises when it is least foreseen. Although, he has achieved so much within the short time in office, he does not care about media publicity and propaganda, rather, he prefers that his works speak for him and indeed his performance is speaking for him by matching his words with actions.
Another remarkable distinction of his many fountain of surprises include ; projects assessment tours of the 25 Local Government Areas of our State. The Governor’s tour of the state is a fundamental approach to entrenching good governance and sustainable development. The tour is a manifestation of a genuine intention by a leader to ascertain the level of the living condition of his people. A leader that does not interact with his people hardly knows what their challenges are and how to help them overcome such challenges.
The governor’s tour and inspection of projects across the state is a sure way of assessing first hand, the level of his developmental efforts and what the people think of his programmes. A good leader is one who carries along his subjects and listens to their cries and this is what the Governor’s tour accentuates; a commitment to serve humanity. Touring the state gives the governor ample opportunity to inspect and evaluate the state of projects his administration awarded. The tour also gave him access to the people and further strengthen their confidence in his administration. Projects inspection and evaluation is a central feature of any well-meaning government, because it determines the level of growth and equally influences projections for the future.
The bane of many administrations in the past has been their lack of self-drive, many leaders are not particularly motivated and such they do not care about what goes on around them this unfortunate disposition is what often results to the abandonment of important projects. Many contractors would collect funds for projects they have no intention of executing and because the leader is not interested he does not investigate thereby allowing the contractors to get away with their criminal acts.
Therefore, for sustainable development to be attained proper projects inspection and evaluation mechanisms must be put in place to checkmate the excesses of contractors. Governor Sani Bello’s tour of the state is one that reassures the people that they have a leader who is concerned about their affairs and is prudent in his management of their resources because by touring around the state and inspecting projects the governor is actually carrying out assessment of the various projects been undertaken across the state. And only by such tours can a leader be truly accountable to the people. It is therefore commendable that the governor has taken the pains to tour the state in order to rebuild the confidence of the people in his administration.
Dialogue is so important in a democracy that it has become the defining principle of political governance. For proper articulation and execution of people oriented programmes and projects, leaders must have a common ground where they and the electorates can discuss what the immediate challenges are and how best to tackle them.
This is what the governor’s tour has been able to accomplish, it has been able to create room for understanding between the government and the people. It therefore suffices to say that, Governor Sani Bello is indeed a committed leader whose hard work, discipline, prudence and pro-citizens disposition has, is and will continue bringing positive change to the people, Niger and Nigeria at large.
Last but not least, for sustainable development to be attained, a serious governor must be dedicated to following up on his peoples’ projects and programmes left in the hands of his appointees, in order to determine quality execution. His ongoing tour equates so by ensuring he is not just an office sitting Governor. Governor Sani Bello has indeed proved himself worthy of our admiration. He is truly an example of a committed leader willing to cause positive change to happen for the good of all Nigerlites even at the detriment of his comfort.
Fodio Ahmed is an Author, Journalist, Blogger and the Media Aide to Niger State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Mustapha Jibril.

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