Building Strong and Devoted Families: Insights from Rev. Matanmi Cornelius Adebisi’s Sermon

By Dr. Afolabi Olajuwon



On May 5, 2024, the Foursquare Gospel Church in Wuse, Abuja, was blessed with a spiritually enriching Sunday Service led by the esteemed Minister, Rev. Matanmi Cornelius Adebisi, who is also the Zonal Superintendent of the Wuse Zone. The service was a testament to the power of building and nurturing strong, devoted families in today’s society.


The morning began with a soul-stirring 30 minute choir ministration, setting a reverent atmosphere for the congregation. Rev. Matanmi Cornelius Adebisi graced the pulpit at 9:35am and delivered a profound message on “Building a Strong and Devoted Family,” drawing inspiration from Acts 10:1-5 & 24-25 and Joshua 24:15.


Rev. Adebisi expounded on the attributes of a devoted family as exemplified by Cornelius in the passages, shedding light on key qualities:


Spiritual Leadership: Emphasizing the role of being a devout person who leads their family in spiritual matters.


God-fearing: The importance of reverence towards God which guides the family’s moral compass.


Generosity: The act of giving alms generously, which enriches the community and the family’s spiritual life.


Loving and Caring: Showcasing love and care not only within the family but also extending it to the community.


Commitment and Diligence: Being committed and diligent in worship and family duties.


Prayerful: A family that incorporates prayer into their daily lives, engaging everyone including guests.


Respectful: Demonstrating respect towards church elders and members, fostering a community of mutual regard and support.


Eagerness to Grow Spiritually: A continuous hunger to know more about God and deepen their spiritual understanding.


SPECIAL FAMILY PRAYERS were a pivotal part of the service, where families engaged in practical prayer sessions to strengthen their unity and bond as devoted family units. Towards the end of the service, Rev. Matanmi Cornelius Adebisi led the congregation in observing the monthly communion, sealing the spirit-filled gathering with a sacred moment of reflection and communion with God.


The teachings and practices shared during this Sunday Service serve as a guiding light for families seeking to build stronger, more devoted bonds within their households. Rev. Adebisi’s insights inspire us to emulate the virtues of Cornelius and strive for a family life rooted in faith, love, and unwavering devotion to God.


The reverberating message of the day calls on us all to cultivate a culture of prayer, mutual respect, and a hunger for spiritual growth within our families.


May the lessons learned on this blessed Sunday continue to help and guide us as we journey towards building stronger, more devoted families in our community and beyond.

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