How Refugees Commission is Divesting Humanitarian Services Along Social Services In Nigeria By ABUBAKAR YUSUF

The National commission for Refugees,Migrants and internally Dispalced Persons NCFRMI had brought on board new reforms and initiatives that ensured sanity to the internally displaced persons camp IDPs and persons of concern in recent time.


This includes the statutory obligations to the vulnerable displaced by natural occurrences and crises, along with moving beyond basic amenities to providing engagement outlets powered by the current leadership under Imaan Suleiman-ibrahim as the Honorable Federal Commissioner HFC.


The humanitarian services extended to Migrants , Asylum seekers, Refugees, Returnees, and other critical groups had giving a better life to those in temporary abode of IDPs


The new wave of engagements through skill development, capacity building and enterpreneurship training to the IDPs in temporary abode had become a modest decisions that had given a sense of belongings to Nigerians, temporarily out of their homes as a result of the activities of insurgents and other natural phenomenon.


This includes but not limited to automobile and computer training in partnerships with highly recognized organizations like the Anambara Motor Company ANAMMCO ,Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy, and National Technology Development Agency, NITDA.


These along many numerous skill development, capacity building initiatives being put in place by the NCFRMI had given alot of hope and confidence to the larger numbers of IDPs in Nigeria.


To create more rooms for social upliftment of the IDPs, the partnerships with the legislative arm of government which includes the House of Representatives members and Senators through domiciliation of constituency and zonal projects in the commission, had reasonable multiplier effects on the social status of IDPs in Nigeria.


This ranges from provision of clinics and hospitals, roads, boreholes, electricity through alternative and modern solar systems by the federal lawmakers to further ameliorate the critical dearth of social services not only to the vulnerable camps, but entire Nigerians.


The growing concentration of federal lawmakers through a new reorientation strategy adopted by the leadership of the commission under Imaan Suleiman-ibrahim had brought more social security and services to many Nigerians.


This is done in line with the procurement act and processes by the federal government, as transparent process is being adopted yearly and inline with budgetary provisions by the commission.


Aside monitoring the projects from conception to completion, it also gave an opportunity that guaranteed accountability and attract rural development using the commission as a launching pad.


It inturned brought remarkable development to the activities of the commission in the last few months, as more federal lawmakers had domiciled their constituency and zonal intervention projects ZIP, through the National Commission for Refugees Migrants and internally Displaced Persons NCFRMI.


A visit to rural areas and interior part of the country had witnessed the spread of social amenities ranging from the basic amenities like pipe borne water, provision of clinics and hospitals, alternative electricity like solar lights along with transformers that ensured regular power supplies, as well as rejigging of skill acquisition and development centres across the country.


With Imaan Suleiman-ibrahim as Federal commissioner, alot of positive changes and development had enveloped the hitherto known commission, now turned to a better agency with modest initiatives, intervention and innovations that will stand the taste of time.



Written By ABUBAKAR YUSUF All inquiries to

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