How to raise money for your degree by planting trees – Ibraheem Dooba, Ph.D.

On Wednesday in Minna, during the Edufest of FOMWAN School, I was asked to talk to students about the benefits of tree planting.

So I told the students three reasons why they should plant trees:

1. To protect the environment, each student should plant a tree for every birthday. So if you’re nine years old, you should plant nine trees as oxygen factories and for carbon sequestration. I got this idea from Dr. Abdul Hussain, PermSec Lands.

2. University fund – if a child in primary 3 plants a tree today, in the next 10 years or fewer, each tree will give him/her N10,000 from its fruits. That means 20 trees will give him/her N200,000 to pay for university tuition. There is also the joy of growing up with the trees.

3. A child can start a tree planting business today and make money to support their parents by selling seedlings. I thought them how to multiply trees through air layering.

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