Igbimo Yoruba demands immediate reversal of Gen Olusegun Adeniyi’s demotion, Tokunbo Obanla’s conviction

The Igbimo Apapo Yoruba has demanded for immediate reversal of Major General Olusegun Adeniyi’s Demotion for 3 years down the line, which would make him to take orders from his junior officers he once superintend over.
The Yoruba group in a statement signed by its President,Aare Oladotun Hassan said :
“What a scornfully premeditated disgrace of Yoruba’s and Nigeria’s one of the most intelligent, highly cerebral professional and unflinchingly thoroughbred military officer in the history of the Nigerian Army, who fought gallantly as the ‘Theater Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole’, just because he raised and exposed an extremely frustrating danger and high level complicity decoy alarm on a wrong operational signal from the Military High Commands, now termed unlawful disclosure of military information via social media etal.
“Furthermore, Major Adeniyi saved monumental disaster and sacrificially averted what could have resulted in a major deadly blow and unexpected military set back in the war against insurgency and terrorism in the North East and other parts of the country
“Unfortunately, we are aghast at the most embarrassing judgment that convicted the Major General Olusegun Adeniyi, and his orderly Tokunbo Obanla who was sentenced to hard labour.
“This is best termed a Northernized evil ploy to silence the South(South West, South East and South South) especially when we just lost one of our best flying Officer Arotile in a most opaque and suspicious manner.
“We see this judgment by the military high echelons as better way of summarily dismissing General Adeniyi through the back door, wherein he is subjected to a double jeopardy of extreme harsh and excruciatingly conditions that will thereafter grudgingly snuff out his passion of service to his fatherland: Nigeria, consequently lead to his premeditated terminal resignation.
“We call on President Muhamnadu Buhari to urgently correct this ills, due to its sporadic spiral negative consequences.
“Firstly, it is a grave moral killer to our officers and men, particularly a waste of lives for military personnel that paid the supreme price of death at the Battle fields in the Sambisa forest and other black spots in the North East region.
“While serving as a great moral booster to the Boko haram insurgents, who are unrepentantly prepared to wreck unredeemable havoc on innocent Nigerians, such as the recent Jere LG Killings of over 78 innocent rice farmers in Borno State, others are: Kastina, Kaduna, Zamfara recent killings, and other parts of the country not left out.
“Unfortunately, another burden of regrets is that, this singular tainted actions by the military will be a huge clog in the wheel of defeating boko haram.
“The conviction of General Adeniyi and others defines a scenerio of paying meritorious service with scornful betrayals.
“Inevitably, this ilmotivated acts will increasingly result to vulnerable citizen’s lack of faith, declined absolute confidence and trust in the Federal Government’s led Nigerian Army to guarantee safety of their lives and properties accordingly.
“For instance, it is most unfortunate for the Northeast Governors led by Governor Zulum of Borno State to seek support from external paid mercenaries for rescue, considering the overblown budgets to the defence.
“Apparently, the people’s lives and survival now solely rest primarily on the strength and authorized permission of the insurgents rather than the Army .
“Most distracting and disappointing is to hear from Mr. Garba Sheu mocking the dead to seek permission from a military that has blazingly and intentionally dissipates its own powers recklessly.
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”..
“We have emphatically spoken”.

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