Insecurity in Niger: What Governor Sani Bello is doing By Muawiyah Yusuf Muye

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Niger State, in recent years, like every other part of the country, has been having its own share of insecurity problems, mostly by armed bandits who have held the state, particularly Niger East hostage; maiming, kidnapping and rendering innocent citizens homeless, while also destroying their means of livelihoods.

This barbaric act being perpetrated by this ungodly people have become an issue that have given the Government sleepless nights.

No government will ever be happy seeing its citizens go through this kind of trauma, most especially when the people that made up this government are also being affected one way or the other.

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello has continued to be deeply saddened by this development and has, on several occasions, called on Nigerlites not to despair because this administration is ever determined to defeat and crush these criminal elements, who are taking advantage of the lockdown to attack their victims.

These bandits have lately found their weakest link in Rafi and Shiroro local government and have continue to perpetrate cowardly acts on defenseless citizens whose only offense is being peace-loving and going about their normal lives.

Security issues and strategies are issues that are mostly never made public because of their sensitive nature, you don’t expect the government or security agencies to come out and reveal their strategies in combatting this menace.

While people are going through difficult times and expressing their emotions, rightfully so, government respect every opinion on this matter, government is there to protect lives and properties and in the process, lives are still being lost and means of livelihoods are still being destroyed and the responsibility solely lies with the government, but government is not the enemy, while government takes full responsibility, it is pertinent and worth mentioning that this is actually what the evil people want, to divide our ranks, makes you point fingers at the government while they continue to perpetrate their dastard acts knowing fully well that they are succeeding in pitching us against one another, in this difficult time, we must no matter what, stick together and fight this battle collectively

Not forgetting to mention some myopic minds politicizing this difficult situation for political prosperity, we must not allow our humanity to come into question. The Chief of Staff to Mr. Governor, Hon. Ibrahim Balarabe Kagara who hails from Kagara has had sleepless nights and restless days in ensuring that he carries out all the necessary assignments as directed by Mr. Governor, to fulfill Government’s support towards the security agencies because this situation not only affects him personally, anything that touches his people touches him personally.

The Niger State Government is putting together efforts in collaboration with states sharing a border with Niger State such as Kaduna, Kebbi, and Zamfara to come up with strategies that will neutralize these enemies of peace once and for all because it’s a complicated situation that cannot be won by Niger State alone. Sadly, these attacks seem persistent, especially in remote villages.

Currently, Operation Gama Aiki by the Nigerian Armed Forces is in Niger State combing the forest and destroying the hideouts of the bandits. Just a few weeks ago, Operation GAMA AIKI neutralized several armed bandits at Maguga in Rafi LGA.

The Governor in his own capacity has greatly supported both local and state securities with all the help they need including the donation of motorcycles and vehicles to actively resist all attacks and defend lives and properties. Frequently, Governor Sani Bello holds meetings with security heads and receives a daily briefing on the security situation just to see an end to this.

Securing the lives of Niger citizens have always been the priority of Governor Sani Bello, and the government is readily exploring all available options to achieve this, the bandits were even offered amnesty in the past just to seek a peaceful end to this problem.

The Governor will never tolerate this killing of innocent people by the bandits, and more aggressive means to crush the bandits by any means necessary is now being explored by the government in order to end this once and for all and ensure people go back to living their lives in their homes peacefully.

While extending his sympathies to the families of the victims, he has continually called on the people to show more vigilance by reporting the activities of criminal elements in their midst, that way, the job will be made less difficult for the Security agencies and Government.


Muye is the Senior Special Assistant on Media to Governor Abubakar Sani Bello.

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