It Must Be a Muslim-Muslim Prank! By Olaleye Olawale

First, they said if a southerner won the APC ticket, given the choice of the PDP in the person of Atiku Abubakar, the ruling party would lose the 2023 presidential bout. And then, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu won.


Now, the narrative has changed to the need for a Muslim-Muslim blend to give force to the ticket. Are you playing? So, if Tinubu pairs with a Christian northerner, APC would lose? Lies! Why make the Christian Northerners less important in their home?


The governors are just too afraid to be out of reckoning and as such, they are the ones setting these obnoxious agenda. You talk about a Muslim-Muslim ticket, because you do not reckon Tinubu is a “proper” Muslim?


Had Osinbajo, a pastor or Amaechi won, would you have mooted the idea of a Christian-Christian ticket? Unfortunately, the Christians are the ones selling the Muslim-Muslim idea.


Truth is, at the point Nigeria is, you can’t patch up the fault lines anymore. Papering these palpable cracks is counterproductive. Factors of religion and ethnicity remain recurring decimals and there’s nothing anyone can do about it again.


With Buhari’s Muslim-Christian leadership, attacks on churches and Christians have continued unabated (including Muslims) and you now want a Muslim-Muslim combo? If it was that easy, why did the northern APC governors resolve the presidency must go south?


They simply agreed if the north under Buhari had been unable to tame the increasing insecurity, then, they should try a new perspective. Why did they think so? They came to the conclusion that these fault lines are real.


Who are you to think otherwise? All they’re doing is trying their luck to see if they could play on our collective intelligence and get away with this. But they would if you let them.


I hate to play up religion or ethnicity in our body polity, unfortunately, these two never stopped staring us in the face. Opting for a Muslim-Muslim ticket is like calling the bluff of a major faith bloc and daring them to do their worse.


This period is sensitive to such an insensate decision and we must acknowledge that fact. Anything to the contrary may be nothing but irresponsible.

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