Jagun Jagun: An Exquisite Narrative! By Olaleye Olawale

If you’ve got some two hours that “you’re not using” and can spare leisurely, I recommend Femi Adebayo’s new movie, Jagun Jagun: The Warrior.

With a peculiar narrative that compels enduring attention for the whole time, the movie leaves nothing behind in giving value for money.
From the props to the costume, setting, storyline, makeup and effects, Femi consciously upped the ante with a lot of hard work, after an amazing showing in his last effort, Agesinkole (King of Thieves).
I love Jagun Jagun’s unsuspecting attention theft, sequential plot twist, the treachery, betrayal, conspiracy, and unpredictability of the pockets of complicated stories that ultimately came together in the end as one whole flick.
Nevertheless, the film did not explain how Ogundiji (Femi), had a child (Ogunlaje) with his supposed daughter, Iroyinogunkita (Bukunmi Oluwashina), who was part of his spoils of war, and his wife, Enifunto (Fathia Balogun), did not know?
I mean, it takes nine whole months to endure pregnancy, and all that happened, and his wife didn’t know? I’m curious! Something is either intentionally left out, missing, or just didn’t add up.
I’m also not impressed with the delivery of the Arugba lady during the Aje festival in Alaje Village. But we can always gloss over that. It pales into insignificance in the mix.
However, it’s obvious there’s a part two, which I can’t wait to see, and hopefully, it would address some of the gaps.
Conversely, Ibrahim Chatta showing up at the end promises an even more exciting second part. There’s probably a pending power tussle between him and Gbotija (Adedimeji Lateef), the star character here part.
Or, will Enifunto (Fathia) take over the kingdom? Part two, where is thy face?
It’s generally a good movie, which gives value for money, time and a good reason to relax.
That said, the general growth in the transformation of the movie and the showbiz industry in Nigeria is something worth celebrating.
For an industry with organic progress, even the smallest of efforts deserves some pat on the back, and as much, sincere criticisms.
Good job, and congratulations, Femi, the Warrior.

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