Jagun Jagun; Of all blood, hype, and no story… By Haruspice

The movie Jagun Jagun came highly overrated with excellent deployment of cinematography, and line interpretation but a bland storyline. It came more like a documentary depicting the legendary tales of the Yoruba warriors in the old days where charms, physical strength, and mystical prowess were the weapons of engagement. Until the end, you would think, you are glued to a beautiful documentary of the rich Yoruba culture on NTA.

Till now, it’s difficult to pin the central message in the movie – it has love, same way, wars dominated the movie with flashes of intermittent field scuffles in adjoining villages -with knives and daggers which are even alien to the Yoruba warriors of ancient history – did camel existed in the mangrove of the west of Nigeria? The movie paraded an array of camels – maybe after a second watch, the storyline in the Jagun Jagun needs to be retold in understandable lines- for now, it’s muddled in many themes.
The location has this aesthetic splendor with creative imagery everywhere, and the use of drones to get the aerial shots of the location added natural flavour to the movie- photography-wise, the movie deserves an OSCAR!
If you have an aversion to blood, please, don’t watch the movie. The movie bled too much blood that you would think life in the old Yoruba tradition was all nasty, brutal, and short. From the opening to the closing scenes, the camera lens was drenched in blood, making it not a movie for the faint-hearted.
The actors did excellently well interpreting their roles but because of the absence of a centralized storyline, they were caught in rudderless artistry.
Lastly, how movie makers present our ancient leaders as cruel and power drunk should be looked into, we had the best society governed by excellent leaders before the intrusion of the colonialists- time we paint our history in deserving colors.
The movie Jagun Jagun is a beautiful movie with exaggerated hype…
Jagunly musing

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