James Abiodun Faleke JAF: A New Year For A Political Double Silencer, By Abubakar Yusuf.

There is no doubt that the current federal lawmaker, representing Ikeja federal constituency and a ranking member of the federal house of representatives, Chief James Abiodun Faleke JAF, is a household name in Lagos and Kogi state were he hail from before settling down in Lagos out of furtitious circumstances and political exigency.


Alas, Faleke is politically handy of becoming either Lagos Governor or Kogi Governor in the nearest future, having contested as Kogi deputy governor and won in November 2015, before the death of Prince Abubakar Audu, the Governor- elect who died at victory.


These dual popularity was not out of his advantage of representing Ikeja federal constituency as a fourth timer , or his origin from Kogi , but because he has learned how to play the game according to the rules.


Faleke who fought the power that be to the supreme court to reclaim the hard earned mandate of Kogi people failed but not woefully, having attracted the attention of the international communities that led to the amendment of the constitution subsequently outlawing the abberation or political somersaults that denied him the Kogi Governor’s slot in 2016, after Audu’s death.


Unperturbed by the political harakiri, he kept his peace, returned to the green chamber and giving the needed attention both to his immediate constituents and by extension his ancestral constituency in Okun speaking area of Kogi and not even his country home in Ijumu.


He was at the forefront of provision of both social, economic, political and extra curricular succour in all ramifications that placed him at vantage positions in both States at any giving opportunities.


In ikeja federal Constituency of Lagos state, the political warlord was often described as a the ‘Lion of Lagos Politics’, while in Kogi state inspite of the temporary political ostracisation and denial, his name known for as ‘ATM’ of Kogi and not only okun speaking area, was a recurring decimal.


Faleke who was defrauded politically in 2019 as the next Kogi Governor using his base to campaign for APC re-election became a scape goat untill the turn of event six months ago, after the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu BAT,as APC presidential standard bearer in 2023 general elections from dint of his hardwork.


A high chief both in Lagos and Kogi state, Chairman, House of Representatives committee on finance, an outspoken federal lawmaker who had confronted many chief executives of MDA’s on transparency and accountability, and now secretary, BAT PCC was singled out at the palace of Oba of Lagos by Jagaban Borgu, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu for commendations and recognition for a job well-done towards his emergence as APC presidential flag bearer in June, 2022.


The re-emergence of Otunba Abiodun Faleke in national politics in a grand style was a conviction that he is a maverick politician of high ladder, devoid of hooliganism and spend thrift, but owing to his zeal to delivering dividends of democracy across the country.


With his new status at the national level, away from already consolidated sound political reputation in Lagos, Kogi state and lately across the country, no doubt, sky will be his limit in his political adventure and ambition as a result of his large political portfolio and ambience.


As you mark additional yeqr to your years on earth, no doubt sky will be your limit in the political firmament of Nigeria.


Congratulations Your Excellency, Rt Honorable James Abiodun Faleke JAF and Happy Birthday, wishing you many more years on the surface of the earth in the services of your fatherland.



YUSUF writes from Abuja, he can be reached on [email protected].

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