JUST IN :Tinubu receives Bill proposing return to Regional Government

President Bola Tinubu has received a draft bill proposing a significant shift in Nigeria’s governance structure, returning the country to a regional system of government.


The bill, submitted by Akin Fapohunda, a prominent figure in the Yoruba socio-cultural association, Afenifere, seeks to divide Nigeria into eight geo-political regions, each with its own interim boundaries.


Sources close to the Presidency confirmed that the bill was received on Friday, sparking intense debate and discussion among political analysts, legal experts, and civil society organizations.


The proposed governance model included a two-tier government, federal and regional, with regions having the liberty to manage their affairs, create sub-entities, and adopt provinces, divisions, or districts as may suit their circumstances.


The bill also proposed a new constitution, a uni-camera federal legislature, decentralization of federal power, and a return to the parliamentary mode system of government with a built-in statutory rotation of headship among the regions.


The development has sparked mixed reactions, with some hailing it as a bold step towards decentralization and regional autonomy, while others have expressed concerns about potential challenges and implications.


The Presidency has yet to comment on the bill, but sources indicate that it will be subjected to rigorous review and consultation before any further action is taken.






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