LIBYA AIRSTRIKE : Dabiri-Erewa Mourns Victims, Condoles With Affected Families

Chairman/CEO of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) ,Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa has condoled with the families of nine Nigerians involved in early Wednesday’s airstrike on migrant detention centre in Libya, which killed 44 migrants.

In a release ,Dabiri-Erewa said it was disheartening that nine Nigerians have been identified as victims in the unfortunate incident

According to NIDCOM Head of Media,Abdurahman Balogun ,Dabiri-Erewa also said it was regrettable that migrants survived a treacherous journey only to be killed in someone else’s war in Libya.

She said it was painful that the affected Nigerians , who were due to be airlifted back to Nigeria, were cut down in their prime

The NIDCOM boss reiterated her calls for Nigerians especially the youths to shun movement into hostile countries, and if they must travel, go legally with a legitimate mission to those countries.

Dabiri-Erewa prayed for the repose of the souls of all that died in the airstrike and sent condolence message to the families of the victims

She noted that over 13.000 migrants had been brought home so far, from Libya, and thanked the International Organization for Migration IOM , NEMA and other international agencies involved in the evacuation of the migrants, while she called on the UN to hasten up in the protection of other detention centres from such attacks.

At least 44 people were reportedly killed including nine Nigerians at a detention center in Tajoura, east of Tripoli in Libya, Wednesday morning through an airstrike attack.

It was learnt that some of those killed had been profiled to leave the country in the coming days.

In addition to those killed, IOM said that more than 180 others staying in the same detention center were registered to return to their home countries through the U.N. agency’s voluntary migrant return program, which helps arrange their documents and transport.

IOM has moved around 40,000 migrants out of Libya through the same program.

The airstrike on the Tajoura center, where around 600 people were being held, came less than two months after another airstrike landed less than 100 meters from the center, injuring two .

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