Malagi:Three in one and the characteristic clout of a National “Teamer” By Jibrin Bala Jibrin Yikangi B.A.ED English, MISD,PhD(In-view)

In my obsessives with “The Kakaki Nupe project for Niger” never in my permutational poise did what Yahaya Mohd Usman said yesterday occur to me; how could I have missed this? Very close and apt description of Alhaji Mohammed Idris Malagi (MIM) that ” The Kakaki Nupe happened to possess three qualities of different set of past Niger’s nationalistic inclined politicians” That Kakaki Nupe has Late Engr Kure ‘s generosity and simplicity; If you know Kure and the Kakaki Nupe this well, this comparison can’t be more apt, what more? Kure was a former National Political player, a former Governor of Niger State; this point score and scored practically well, if you wanna nay-say-it come forth but with confirmable opposites.
In the same piece, Usman said ” The Kakaki Nupe has Talba’s Intellectual clout and sagacity” Hope you know it’s what made him (Talba) respectable and appealing amongst the co-Governors of his era 2007-2015? Talba is respected and isn’t a second tier but a first liner Governor during his years as Governor, he attitudes and clouts brought National and International attention to his state and won favors that benefited Niger citizenry. His presence alone made sure Niger was remembered , he appealed to the Intellectual Community, always at hand to give lectures that promotes knowledge and intellectual exchanges; this is the point, Intellectual sagacity ensures confidence and respects as a component in enhancing meaningful representation at the National level, you are going to be heard and your opinions considered in the company of “The Deciders”
Mr Usman rounded up the comparison by likening the clearity, calmness, organization and speaking eloquence of Senator Zainab Kure to that of The Kakaki Nupe. Eloquence ensures you are listened to when making your point and signifies the organizational depth of a personality. Zainab Kure was a two time Senator for Niger South, former first lady of a state and party leader. She played her part well for her party at the National level. The Kakaki Nupe’s has public speaking and relations as one of his specialty; this he does well.
These qualities that are in three different people with National connections and inclinations happened to be coincidentally present and well placed in one Man, the Kakaki Nupe. For grabbing better dealings for your people, quality of your representation matters, for Niger, there’s no single individual imbued with them like Malagi, the only one that could brighten the chances and lights of Niger from out there down home. He’s the only one who can play the game out there with the big players in Asiwaju’s talented and qualitative team of proven Men;He has long acquired such clouts in decades of dealing on that level and scale; What more? He had played and familiarize with that team, he had being playing there and finely too since and let him have the biggest one.
Jibrin Bala Jibrin Yikangi,
Is a Poet, A Teacher and a Social Activist
He writes from Gbako.

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