Maryam Shetty’s Ministerial Nomination and the Reward for Patriotism

In a country yearning for true patriots and visionary leaders, Maryam Shetty stands out as a beacon of hope. The journey into Nigeria’s political landscape of this grassroots mobilizer, quintessential leader, and indigene of Kano state, began around 2015 with a fervent message of hope and absolute patriotism. Leading the charge was her brainchild, the “Webelieve Movement,” which ignited nationalism among citizens and ignited the spirit of selling the Nigerian brand. Through her efforts, youths across Nigeria were mobilized and instilled the feeling of patriotism and embraced the Nigerian dream, where national interest is elevated above personal, ethnic, regional and religious interests.

In doing this, Maryam’s approach was consistent, focusing on rural communities to domesticate the patriotic drive. She established cluster groups, spreading the message of Nigeria’s abundance of opportunities and fostering hope during times of despair. The movement’s essence became rooted in love for the nation, unwavering belief in the fatherland, and a drive for patriotic zeal, quickly spreading the ‘We believe’ ideology like wildfire across Nigeria.

Her sustained efforts turned her into a symbol of hope and patriotism for young Nigerians, revitalizing their spirits with a newfound sense of national consciousness. Her dedication to preaching patriotism went beyond the realm of social media bravado, touching the lives of many.

The recent ministerial nomination bestowed upon Maryam Shetty from serves as a testament to the reward for unwavering patriotism and dedication to the nation. In a time when many heroes are left at the fringe of leadership and power, her nomination highlights the significance of recognizing and honoring the sacrifices made by progressive heroes within the All Progressive Congress.

Maryam’s journey reminds the world that in times of utter hopelessness, remarkable achievements are possible through dedication and ingenuity. Her story is truly motivating, inspiring many to embrace their patriotic spirit and strive for the betterment of the nation.

As we celebrate Maryam Shetty’s ministerial nomination, let us remember her as a patriotic Nigerian hero, a shining star whose unwavering commitment to the nation has earned her the reward she rightly deserves. Her journey serves as a reminder that true dedication to one’s country can pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for all Nigerians.

Yesterday’s history is guilty of forgetting the sacrifices of many progressive heroes in the All Progressive Congress, without whose contribution the grip the party has today would never have been possible. The government of yesterday totally obliterated the sacrifices of party members who worked for the success of the party, leaving agencies, boards, and other portfolios vacant for eight years of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. Maryam Shetty’s nomination is the ultimate remedy to the years of utter political non-reward. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu understands this imbalance and is earnestly addressing the years of total neglect.

The ascendancy and rising profiles of nations like China and India can be directly attributed to their patriotic leadership. Patriotism encompasses pride in a country’s values, culture, and inherent greatness. Chinese leadership embodies this through ‘aiguozhuyi,’ translating to ‘love and support for China,’ requiring individuals to prioritize national pride over personal interests. This commitment is evident in China’s resolute pursuit of global competition and distinction among nations.

Similar to this mindset is Maryam Shetty’s life, where patriotism became a central tenet of leadership. Her alignment with this belief led to her recognition as a minister. Her nomination is anticipated to further inspire numerous young individuals towards patriotic passion and national dedication.

Ministerial nominee Maryam Shetty’s diverse background, international exposure, patriotic commitment, and grassroots experience indeed make her a valuable asset to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision for Nigeria. Her unique combination of skills can contribute significantly to the realization of various developmental goals. Implementation:
Leveraging her international exposure, Maryam Shetty can contribute to crafting well-informed policies that align with global best practices and are tailored to Nigeria’s unique context. Her experience can aid in effectively implementing these policies on the ground.

Maryam’s international exposure can help foster strong diplomatic ties with other nations, potentially leading to collaborations, investments, and partnerships that advance Nigeria’s interests and development. Her grassroots acumen allows her to understand the needs of local communities. She can work to bridge the gap between policy decisions and their impact at the grassroots level, ensuring that development efforts truly benefit all citizens.

With her international exposure and expertise, Maryam can advocate for economic diversification, attract foreign investments, and explore innovative strategies to boost various sectors of the economy.Her commitment to youth empowerment and gender equality aligns with President Tinubu’s vision. She can drive initiatives that provide opportunities for young people and promote gender inclusivity in all aspects of development.

By integrating Maryam Shetty’s expertise, dedication, and international exposure with President Tinubu’s vision, the government can work towards a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable future for Nigeria and its citizens.

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