MUSWEN New Executive Secretary Assumes office

A new Executive Secretary for the Muslim Ummah of Southwest Nigeria (MUSWEN), Professor Muslih Tayo Yahya, has formally assumed office as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Umbrella body of all Muslims in the Southwest of Nigeria.

He succeeded the pioneer and immedate past Executive Secretary of MUSWEN, Professor D. O. S. Noibi, whose retirement commenced on November 17, 2019.

Professor Yahya assumed office on Monday, November 25, 2019 following the ratification of his nomination for that office by the General Assembly of MUSWEN on the same date of the commencement of Professor Noibi’s end of tenure.

The coincidence of the exit date of the former Executive Secretary and the effectiveness of the appointment date of the new CEO was to avoid any vacuum in that office and to ease continuity in advancing the administration of the office.

Before accepting appointment as CEO in MUSWEN, the new Executive Secretary had served for decades as a Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Jos where he rose to become a Professor.

He also served the University as a Sub-Dean of the Faculty of Arts and later as Director of Academic Planning and Management.

Professor M. T. Yahya is internationally renowned for his academic brilliance and equanimity in conduct.

Since his assumption of office, Professor Yahya has curried the satisfaction of the Ummah by displaying the appropriate competence befitting to that lofty office.

His first public official outing as MUSWEN Executive Secretary was at the General Assembly of Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) in Abuja where he was duly recognized and accorded a status befitting to MUSWEN.

Shortly thereafter, he gave a landmark keynote address as Executive Secretary at a well-attended International Conference jointly organized by MUSWEN and NUSRET Educational and Cultural Company Limited and the Hira Magazine of Turkey on the Biography of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at the University of Ibadan to the delight of all and sundry that were present.

A multi- lingual personality of note, Professor M. T. Yahya is well-travelled across nations and continents gathering the experience that is now apt for the new post he just assumed.

MUSWEN was inaugurated in August 2008 as the umbrella body for all Muslim Groups and Organizations in the Southwest the like of which was never in existence before it in the region.

All State Muslim Communities, Groups and Organizations as well as individuals in the Southwest are cordially requested to cooperate sincerely with the new Executive Secretary of MUSWEN for a smooth running of the office as well as for strengthening the unity of the Muslim Ummah in the region.

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