NASS; The Challenges Before Tambuwal, Ag Clerk To The National Assembly, By Ahmed Mohammed.

The appointment of Sani Magaji Tambuwal , a seasoned technocrat, administrator laced with legislative experience for over three decades, no doubt, the turn of events and dawn of a new era was here.

Aside the euphoria of the new leadership, change of baton alot of grievances and unresolved issues that boarders on workers welfare was already saturated with the regulatory body, the National Assembly Service Commission NASC in court with the main union in the national assembly, Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria PASAN.

This was arising from unpaid allowances due for PASAN and the outright refusal of the management, leadership and the National Assembly Service Commission NASC to offset statutory allowances of National Assembly Legislative Aides Forum NASSLAF including salary arears from June 2019 till date.

The previous management under Arch Amos Olatunde Ojo did not show any administrative wizardry towards offsetting the arears of salaries and allowances, as he was only able to offset the first 28 days with loads of promises with no end in sight.

Ojo embarked on divide and rule, intimidations and collusion that silenced the NASSLAF members even from their legitimate and statutory salary arears and increment without recourse from NASC.

With few months to the end of the 9th Assembly, it is obvious the leadership of. NASSLAF had embarked on chasing shadows rather than attending to the welfare of NASSLAF members, and by extension the cumbersome approach of the dogged PASAN.

PASAN that had acted at shock absorber between NASSLAF and NASC, is now at logger head cos of unfulfilled promises and denial of basic obligations, without recourse to their previous point of convergence.

The National Assembly leadership under the Senate President, Dr Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan was cajoled by NASC, PASAN and management of the assembly away from the consternation of the speaker, House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila who insisted on the best practices.

These grievances had dragged on for the past 41 months from the 48 months life span of the 9th Assembly, unlike of the previous 1st to the 8th Assembly.

From all indications, the 9th Assembly had remained adamant bereft of political and administrative will to offset the growing allowances of NASSLAF members in the current assembly.

Cynicisms and many diverse opinions had posited that the agitated funds had already been appropriated ,released and diverted with the consent of the National Assembly stakeholders, urging the anti-graft agencies to wade in.

With the new leadership at the management level, with glaring enability of the NASC management, it will be glaring that there will be light at the end of tunnel .

Sani Magaji Tambuwal as the new Ag Clerk to the National Assembly CNA, has opportunity to re-write history, write his name in gold by making marks in his administrative wisdom and foresight, by making efforts to offset the salaries arears and allowances due to both PASAN and NASSLAF.

It is counterproductive for NASS that appropriates funds for payment of entitlements in Nigeria, will be failing in its functions to address the current anomaly in the National Assembly.

Ahmed Mohammed Writes From Zaria, Kaduna State.

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