Nigerian Military colleges hold joint Operational Planning Exercise

The Army War College Nigeria (AWCN) is currently hosting a comprehensive Joint Operation Planning Exercise (JOPEX) code named Exercise SKY LOCK 2023 in conjunction with National Defence College (NDC). The exercise is aimed at fostering a robust and coordinated response to contemporary security challenges. Participants from the Army War College Nigeria, Naval War College Nigeria, and Air Force War College Nigeria are actively engaged in this exercise, which is designed to enhance their ability to address complex security situations while operating collaboratively in a joint and multi-agency framework.

In his address, the Commandant of Army War College Nigeria, Major General Ishaya Maina, underscored the paramount importance of the JOPEX in enhancing collaboration and synergy among the three services. He emphasized that this exercise plays a pivotal role in boosting the joint operational capabilities of the Nigerian Armed Forces.
General Maina further emphasized that the JOPEX presented a unique opportunity for officers from different branches to pool their expertise, fostering a holistic and efficient approach to the formulation of joint operation plans. The Commandant also emphasized the role of cross-disciplinary learning in preparing officers for complex real-world scenarios.
Present to witness the seamless execution of the exercise were Rear Admiral MB Hassan, the Commandant of Naval War College, and Air Vice Marshal AG Kehinde, the Commandant of Air Force War College.
The presence of these distinguished College Commandants highlights the collaborative spirit among Nigeria’s Armed Forces, as they come together to enhance their joint operational capabilities. They both demonstrated their commitment to fostering inter-service cooperation and synergy.
The exercise encompassed a diverse range of critical components, including national security considerations, interagency coordination, logistics planning, counter-terrorism strategies, counter-insurgency tactics, and stabilization operations. The primary objective of the exercise is to provide participants, who are being trained as operational commanders and staff, with an opportunity to practice their planning, preparation, and execution skills in a variety of scenarios.
The 10-day training, which commenced on August 14, 2023, is set to conclude on August 23, 2023, at the College premises located within WU Bassey Barracks, Asokoro, Abuja. The exercise is being conducted to ensure that participants are well-equipped to navigate and respond effectively to the evolving security landscape of the nation, which often demands seamless coordination among different branches of the armed forces and various security agencies.
Umpires and Observers, including members of the Armed Forces and international military assistance partners, have been integral to the exercise, contributing to its realism and effectiveness. Their insights and expertise further enhance the learning experience of the participants, ensuring that they are well-prepared to handle the multifaceted challenges posed by contemporary and projected security threats.
The Army War College Nigeria remained steadfast in its commitment to producing leaders capable of addressing the complex security concerns of the nation.
The exercises played a pivotal role in fostering cooperation, adaptability, and strategic thinking among the participants, which in turn enhances the nation’s overall security preparedness.

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