Nigerians are not critical to the regime but enthusiasm fade away By Abba Dukawa

Last Saturday, Nigeria mark 22 years of democracy since the country returns to civilians rules after 15 years of uninterrupted Military governments. Before going deep into what i want to illustrate let me pray for him. May Allah grant Baba more wisdoms, understanding and political will to do the needful and open you the window of opportunity to do right.
For sake of history and the country to judge the administration fairly, let captain of the ship regain his past hard earning status of being a strong and no non sense General., Let him do any things to prevent the worst happening in remaining two years of the administration. .
It will be highest injustice for anybody not to appreciable gains on infrastructural development especially in the Southern Part of the country by PMB’s administration and even wailers cannot deny it. There was positive excitements and hope from citizens that the country will have a sense of direction all these enthusiasm conceived by voters has been aborted. There was no any government in Nigeria history that have enjoyed citizens goodwill like the present administration.
It is has been a crime before to criticised Baba Buhari’s administration. Anybody criticised it openly would ended surely up with hell of beating especially from blindside supporter of the regime whose thought the administration would turns poor peoples while rich one in the society to poorer.
Even though Buhari’s administration had introduced many programs to alleviate economic hardship to Nigerians like Anchor Borrowers Programme unfortunately the targets citizens not much benefits because briefcases farmers and those close to the power enjoys it. So to speaks Rice import bill alone dropped but local production of rice cannot Bridges the gap and local processing rice are also beyond citizens with monthly earns of N30,0000.
Definitely I can acknowledge that I have seen many peoples benefited from FG Conditional Cash Transfer Program but not target poor and vulnerable households. With all sense of highest esteem to Mr President, the level of poverty in the country is unspeakable talk less of lifted 10.5 million people out of poverty – farmers, small-scale traders, artisans, market women and the like In the last two years.
Kano and Kaduna are the hub of the Nation’s Textile Sector in those Years, having grown up around Bompai industrial area I knew how Gaskiya And Bagauda Textiles worked on three shift now all this Textiles are dead and must painful Gaskiya is on shadow of itself as all the machinery dismantling and faring to other places, same fate befall on United African Textile in Kaduna, Maybe CBN’s N50 billion Textile Sector intervention Facility not reaching real Textile companies and neither increased capacity utilization of ginneries from 30% to nearly 90%.
Reviving the Economy remain Herculean tasks, the country undergone two recession following the falling down of crude oil price in the international market which has pushed nation’s economic turmoil coupling with no Competent Economic Team to advice government and our currency has been devaluated.
It is under watchful of the Nation’s perceive Messiah our domestic and foreign debt reached unprecedented level in history. Before the current debt when the administration came in both local and foreign nation debt as 2015 stood at N10 trillion. Now the Nation’s overall debt stock increased by N191 billion in the first quarter of this year, representing a 0.58 percent increase from N32.916 trillion as of December 31, 2020. Henceforth The debt stock increased to N33.107 trillion by the end of March 2021 according to the Debt Management Office (DMO).
On Insecurity Challenge at 2015 the common security challenge is Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East but now the insecurity has escalated to almost every states making lives unbearable and no one feels safe either at home or on the road. Nigerians are alienated, angry and fed up with the way the insecurity escalated. For over six year which you are the captain of the ship insecurity has menacingly ravage the country.
Your order of shooting at sigh for anyone carry arm not follow because successions IPOB are carried out deadly act of killing security personnel, breaking Correctional Facilities, arson and also killing innocent Nigerians. It is time to confront this threat headlong in your remain two years in a manner that is holistic and purposeful.
Regrettably, Nigeria’s corruption perception index published by Transparency International has nosedived and the fight against corruption has become a mere political statement. In spite with alleged celebrated High Profile Corrupt Cases six years into the administration, there were no conviction of the alleged looters in this High Profile Corruption. Anti-corruption agencies and the fighting itself are more like toothless dogs that can only bark but cannot bite.
If president himself not satisfied with the Economic Policies of his Administration there is not any reason for ordinary citizens not to be critical to the administration as their are languishing in extreme poverty battling with daily survival due to unprecedented inflation in the country reaching highest. Those entrusts with public offices may not necessary be honest to tell the power truth of the situation on ground on may go to market stalls to listen peoples conversation even without listening them one may see the anger in their faces.
As a Nigerian that believed i don’t have any other country I can call my country than Nigeria I and other million patriotic Nigerian are not happy with the way things are going. More than any times in the history of the country coexistence, after the country bitter 30 months civil war our country has never been in a very critical condition like now. We are facing danger of fragmentation, succession threat, kidnapping and other related all these has remains a detraction to the administration, wailers and hailers.
The administration came to power through the change mantra with its top cardinal promises of Economic Development, Fighting Insecurity, Corruption,Job Creation, power,health and
Dukawa writes in from Kano,can be reached at: abbahydukawa@gmail com

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