Nigerians Unite for Tinubu/Shettima extends palliatives to Jahi village

Nigerians Unite for Tinubu/Shettima (NUFTS), recently carried out a charity initiative in Jahi Village, a community within Gwarinpa. FCT Abuja.


According to the group, this was done to identify with the plight of the community, especially the women and children. The group distributed food items to members of the community, providing them with the much-needed assistance in these times.


The women and the elderly population of the community, including the Community Head expressed their gratitude at the unexpected aid coming from the NUFTS, thanked the group for their show of concern and kindness towards their community.

NUFTS restated that its charitable endeavors were among the many initiatives through which it extended the goodwill of its Candidates to Nigerians.



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