No market is the same, By Haruspice

The value of a product or service is not absolute, but rather determined by the market you’re in. Where you buy your wares determines their worth, and sadly, that worth is often only recognized by you, the individual. I experienced this firsthand when I was directed to purchase a prayer chaplet called Tasbih from the central mosque. The vendor quoted a price of N21,000, which I didn’t argue with, trusting my instincts. However, when I visited the next shop, the price increased to N25,000! I was taken aback, thinking, “Do they want to kill me?” Guided by impulse, I left that environment and headed to the popular Shagari Mosque at Area 1, where I found the same product, same quality, serving the same purpose, but at a significantly lower price of N1,500!

This experience illustrates the force of market reality, defined by place, taste, and mindset. Your worth is indeed defined by your mindset. If you want to live large, you’ll do things that are common with your class. I have friends who travel from Nyanya to Maitama for haircuts, spending N10,000 on what would cost N500 in Nyanya. While they may feel good about their expensive haircut, no one will notice the difference back in Nyanya.

This is the lamentable reality of life: we pursue what suits our mind, often at the expense of our peace of mind. We add unnecessary burdens to our shoulders and carry responsibilities that aren’t ours. Young people wear faces of worry, sadness, and bitterness, rushing to belong where they aren’t ready. This leaves them drained and exhausted.

I once entered a restaurant with a menu priced at N12,000. My conscious mind kicked in, and I told myself, “You can get lunch for N1,500 across the road.” I quietly left the pricey restaurant for a more affordable option. After all, once your stomach is full, the hunger pangs are addressed.

Live according to your means, and don’t be ashamed to prioritize financial wisdom. You’re not being poverty-stricken; you’re being wise. When the time is right, you can indulge in the finer things in life. Until then, respect yourself and live within your account balance.

Remember, your worth is not defined by external factors, but by your mindset. Don’t compare your journey with others; live life at your own pace. Jejely musing!


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