NRI rewards 50 members with brand new vehicles

Nature Renaissance International, NRI yesterday rewarded about 50 of its members with brand new vehicles to enhance their businesses and raise their status.


This was even as the company vowed to return Africa to her enviable position as a living force in the global civilization.


The founder and CEO of the company, Professor Clinton Brown Odiegbe made the presentations at the weekend during the 2nd anniversary ceremony of the company held at International Trade Centre, Abuja.


He described Nature Renaissance International, NRI as a movement focused on returning Africa to her enviable root as a living force in the global civilization.


For Africa to occupy this position, Prof. Odiegbe said the people of Africa needed to overcome the twin challenges of poverty and poor health, hence the setting up a company that is using natural and God giving solution from African soil to produce safe medicine, body friendly products blended to keep our body healthy in Benin City by NRI.


‘‘We are using a unique and robust automated system to distribute and promote this natural health product, thereby rewarding our distributors bountifully and creating jobs for thousands of Africans. We have experimented this in the past two years and we are ready to change the African narrative, using the NRI model.


‘‘Our vision is to uplift people from the scourge of poverty to new position of wealth, creating millionaires across the world annually and helping people across the world to attain optimal health, using amazing natural herbs abundant in African soil


‘‘Our mission is using highly potent and organic products at very affordable price to unravel reward plan and unwavering commitment to SMEs. We intend to, through our treasure partners reduce poverty, poor health, unemployment and capital flight, first in Africa and in the rest of the world.’


On the company’s success story, the CEO said since May 4th, 2020 the NRI opened her doors for business, the year when the entire world was locked down, the company have created 10,000 millionaires, lifted 40,000 people out of poverty.


‘’Today, we have about 80,000 membership across 8 African countries. Of this number, over 10,000 millionaires have been created in the past two years of its existence, about 40,000 persons have been taken out of poverty through the NRI enhancement scheme.

“We estimate that over 5million persons have benefitted, using our highly potent NAFDAC approved products,

‘‘We have built ultra-modern factory in Benin City, all products are manufactured debt free. In the past two years, we have given out over 130 vehicles to our members to enhance their business and raise their status.’’

Also speaking, Chairman, Local Community and Chairman of Organising Committee,


In his remarks, the guest speaker, Director of the Kenya School of Law, Patrick Lumumba said “the time for Africa to retake its position among the comity of nations in the area of innovation and self-reliance is now.”


He said Africa had relied so much on imported goods and services at the detriment of its people and economy.


He then charged them to look inwards by producing what its needs and export the excess for foreign exchange.


According to him, Africa will remain perpetually in slavery if it continues to depend on foreign technology and innovations.


The Chairman, organising Committee of the event, High Chief Solomon Onyekwelu, said, ‘’A lot of things have been done, many people have been made millionaire and about 130 people have gotten cars, and we e will share about 50 cars. We are giving our members these cars to encourage them. The product are very efficacious, I have used them, when you have a good product, it sell itself.


‘I have put down everything on ground for this event to hold.’’


The company manufacture and distribute health and nutritional products sourced from natural herbs locally sourced and blended.


Highlight of the event was introduction of 10 additional products to the company’s shelve and presentation of the 50 brand new vehicles to deserving distributors, ranged from Land Cruiser Jeep, Highlander, Toyota, Corolla, Sienna, Rav 4, Toyota Matrix among others.

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