Odebunmi Sponsors Bill on inclusion of NASS Presiding Officers in National Security Council. …..as the bill passes second reading

The Chairman House committee on information, Hon. Dokun Odebunmi has sponspored a bill seeking to amend the THIRD SCHEDULE of the 1999 Constitution to allow the Presiding Officers of the National Assembly namely; the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to hold permanent seat in the composition of the National Security Council.

Odebunmi noted that the Bill when passed will encourage Executive-Legislature collaboration securing the nation.

He opined that the aim was for the parliament to be well informed and guided in making laws that affect the area of security owing to the sensitive nature of security issues to our nation now and beyond.

He argued that securing our country was one of the major  responsibilities of any government in Nigeria and In fact any other parts of the world. Whereas the function of the legislature is to make laws for good governance of the country,  wherein good governance itself has security of life and properties as one of its determinants. But the parliament will only be at a vantage to effectively fulfil this important national task only when they are properly informed in the area of security. Nothing secures this better than being a constitutional member(s) of the National Security Council.

Odebunmi stated “the bill is not an attempt to infuse Legislatures into the executive responsibilities in the spirit of the principle of separation of powers,but rather an attempt to put the Legislative Arm of Government in such position that will informed its leadership and guide Legislative activities in the direction that conforms with what is either happening or been planned for,  in the security circle.

It will also encourage Executive – Legislative collaboration to collectively secure Nigeria and Nigerians as well as preventing the two arms from working at cross purposes.’

It is instructive to note that the Bill has passed its second reading and now been referred to the House Adhoc Committee on constitutional Amendment and also  hope to enjoy speedy passage before the close of the first quarter of 2020.”

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