ONE CHANCE: Wike to ban unpainted taxes and buses in FCT

FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike on 23rd January,2023, has announced plans to ban unpainted taxis and buses in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


The minister made this announcement during a meeting with the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Abuja.


According to Wike, the ban on unpainted taxis and buses is aimed at reducing crime and insecurity in the FCT.


He stated that the use of unpainted taxis and buses, also known as one chance, has been a major factor in the increase in crime and insecurity in the FCT.


The minister also stated that the ban would help to regulate the transportation sector in the FCT and improve the safety and security of commuters.


He urged the NURTW to support the ban and ensure that all taxis and buses in the FCT are painted in the official colors of the union.


The NURTW, in response, expressed their support for the ban and pledged to work with the government to ensure its success.


They also thanked Wike for his efforts in addressing the issue of crime and insecurity in the FCT.


Wike expressed his concern about the lack of rules in the FCT and the need for regulations to prevent problems.


He emphasized the importance of having an official terminal where residents can board a bus to a specific destination, which would allow them to know the drivers and the vehicle they are entering


He also showed concern on the current situation in which people are just getting into any car on the road without knowing the drivers or the vehicles.


He emphasized the government’s plan to build three terminals in the 2024 fiscal year to regulate the transportation sector and reduce crime.


With the terminals, people will be able to board buses and taxis from a specific location, which will improve safety and security.


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