One year after, Fubara has built a castle of litigations and political campaigns – Group carpets Rivers Gov

A group under the platform of Concerned Rivers Citizens CRC has said one year after, Governor of Rivers State Siminalayi Fubara’s administration has built a castle of litigations and campaigns round the wards nicknamed thanksgiving to show Rivers people as his achievements.


The group in a statement signed by its convener, Emmanuel Chibuzor on Monday asserted that:


“We have watched with keen interest as Rivers State State Governor has been frittering away our allocations on frivolities and criminally enriching himself in the name of being recognized as the man in charge.


“One year after, projects almost at completion stages by his predecessor are still begging for attention while white elephant projects which Fubara initiated remain comatose.


“The only thing which can be attributed to him is his castle of litigations and supreme Court victory thanksgivings designed primarily for him to remain relevant and in his words wnjoy organic support.


“Can Fubara stand before Rivers people and beat his chest that in the last one year of his administration he has put smiles on their faces outside boasting of how he will render his predecessor politically irrelevant



“Or better still, whether the security architecture put in place by his predecessor, which drastically reduced illegal bunkering and relocation of criminal elements from the state to other areas to secure lives and property are adequately maintained


“The state under his predecessor which he relishes in calling names was described as the most secured in the Niger Delta because of his dexterity in handling security matters even going to the forest to uncover illegal refineries. Is the state of affairs still same? No. Bunkering is returning back and criminality is on the increase as his foot solders today are persons Associates with crimes in the society.


“There’s no need to list his number of litigations here because they are all in the public domain to see as renovating a barely two years old Assembly Complex that is adjudged the best state Assembly residential quarters in West Africa.


Also relocating an entire arm of government to his backyard are going to be considered as his major achievements. This is to say the least a mockery of democracy.


“Government is perpetually in continuity but what we are seeing in our Rivers State is a cache of illegalities that will soon fetch Fubara Guinness World Record in the exhibition of democratic illegalities.


“If the beginning is rotten, then the subsequent years definitely will display heavy rotteness in Rivers State governance.


Strategic monuments built with tax payers money are destroyed and rebuilt at bloated cost. The Governor makes profit from his destructions.


The destroyed Assembly Chambers was destroyed and quoted for at 11Billion and the Governor asked that it should be jacked up for him and 22B was forwarded and in a show of smartness he slashed it to 19Bn leaving 8Bn for himself. The same arrangement is on with some road projects. Some of the money he receives upfront.

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