PDP CHAIRMANSHIP : U.S Govt, Others will work with Adeniran if Elected- TACO

Tunde Adeniran Campaign Organization (TACO) has debunked an online report credited to an Envoy who was reported to be a ‘top member’ of the US Foreign Mission in Nigeria, which stated that the United States Government and its affiliate organiations may not work with the People Democratic Party PDP if Professor Tunde Adeniran become its Chairman.
The campaign organisation through a statement signed by its
Director, Media and Publicity, Taiwo Akeju said the report was obviously one of the last minute ‘damaging’ salvos planned to undermine Prof. Adeniran’s chances of winning.

TACO assured PDP Members and other Nigerians that United States and other Nations would work with Prof Tunde Adeniran if elected as National Chairman of People Democratic Party PDP

“Our initial response to that fake publication with its banner headline, which is obviously a hatchet job carried out for some paymasters, was to ignore the fake report or dismiss it as one of series of such stories which have been pushed into the public space to de-market our Principal who is apparently the man to beat in the race for the National Chairmanship of our great Party, PDP.

“We felt that responding to the report would amount to dignifying it, but on a second thought, we saw the need not to take the claims for granted and so decided to expose the falsehood of the report and draw the attention of the public to the motive behind the fabricated story, mindful that in political communication, you do not give room for such a false and utter misinformation to be bought by the public, many of whom may not have the opportunity or capacity to verify its authenticity, or otherwise. For the avoidance of doubt, the United States is a decent and proud country that does not hide under anonymity to make its position known on any issue”
TACO said the report only succeeded in exposing the shallowness of mind, limited knowledge and poor understanding of international politics and diplomacy of the sponsors and the reporter. The campaign office also said that the identities and motives of those individuals behind the report were well known.

“While it is important to point out that the issue of Ambassadorial nomination of our Principal to the United States is one issue that has been over-flogged, it may interest those mischievous characters who fabricated the wicked lie which is the latest onslaught on the esteemed Prof. Tunde Adeniran to know that in their desperation to tarnish and pull down a highly principled man of integrity did not realise that the United States is a great nation built on the freedom of democratic choice and their belief in genuine democracy does not encourage poking around who the people freely elect as party leaders in their own countries. as a matter of fact, this world’s bastion of democracy does not get involved in the political party power dynamics of countries, especially as they relate to the running of the affairs of political parties. That is considered too pedestrian for Washington! ”

TACO noted that no United Sates ‘top’ Envoy as claimed, would make such statement under the cover of anonymity. as American Diplomats are of the finest mold. They are trained to be decorous and factual in their pronouncements.

The organization further said that the U.S government was not known to be hesitant in making official statement on any issue they felt strongly about; and such statement only come from authorised official with such mandate.

The campaign organisation said failure of the reporter to put a face to the faceless ‘Envoy’ simply gave the story away as a mere fabrication, as naming him would have made the report somewhat credible, but failed the test of factual correctness.

The TACO explained that its principal, Prof Tunde Adeniran returned to Nigeria after two years of an outstanding tour of duty as an award-winning Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Nigeria to the Federal Republic of Germany. He was nominated to serve Nigeria as Ambassador to the US sometime in 2009, but, Prof Adeniran personally wrote to the late President Yar ’Adua on 10 September, 2007 to decline the offer of nomination on account of the alleged infraction of the law by an adult son of his who was at that time resident in in the State of Maryland. TACO said a copy of the letter is on p.125 of Vol.2 of his book titled SERVING MY FATHERLAND published in the year 2015.

“It is on record that many enlightened members of the public were not in agreement with his declining the appointment. However, his principled stand, his courage and moral strength was commended.

“It may interest the traducers of Prof. Tunde Adeniran to note that as a highly respected and regarded Professor of Political Science and Strategic Studies, his services and expertise are highly sought after internationally, including in the US over the years and up till now. He is a great alumnus of Columbia, an Ivy League University in the US. Since that 2009, he has visited the U.S severally to deliver lectures in first-rate institutions and also consulted for leading organizations in that country.”TACO said.

The campaign organisation said the sponsored story was a malicious propaganda and handiwork of desperate politicians who have disappointedly seen all their previous efforts to bring down the rating of Prof. Adeniran as futile efforts .

TACO advised that all and sundry should come to terms with the reality that Prof. Tunde Adeniran stand as the man of the moment who hold all the aces and has all the advantages in this race, as he has determined to liberate the PDP from impunity and the ills of the past and take it to the next level.

TACO added “All conscientious and well-meaning PDP faithfuls across the various zones of the country are in concurrence with the foregoing assertion. We are also certain that majority of the delegates, who carry in their hands the power to decide what shall be at the Convention, know this truth.

“They are sufficiently knowledgeable about the antecedents and pedigrees of all the other candidates and will definitely make the needed informed choice on Saturday December 9. They are certainly resolved and prepared to ensure the emergence of Prof. Tunde Adeniran as the National Chairman in the true and best interest of our great Party”

“The voice of the people, they say, is the voice of God. There is definitely no stopping this great patriot and fine gentleman of Nigerian politics in whom all is well pleased! “the statement read.

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