Peter Obi: Jobless Onochie Is At It again- Media Analyst

By Abubakar Audu .



Rather than to admonish on post election truce, former NDDC Chairman, Lauretta Onochie who was rejected both at home and in the diaspora has begin her gimmick of over heating the polity, so as to feed fat from President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration.


This was a fall out on his call for the arrest of Peter Obi , the Labour Party Presidential candidate in the last general elections.


A media consultant, Abubakar Yusuf has advised President Tinubu on Tuesday to be wary of such Job seekers and gate crashers who did not support the President while he was nursing his ambition to rule Nigeria, and now want to use this opportunity to hijack the system.


He said the only way Lauretta Onochie has been benefiting from the previous administration is setting the government against the masses, stating how she has failed in her short stint as Presidential adviser and Chairman NDDC board.


He maintained that opposition parties not only Labour Party are at liberty to challenge the election that brought President Tinubu, stating that, that is the beauty of democracy, and that she should not create more enemy for the President.


Yusuf asked Nigeria’s President to remain focused in his bid to form a government of national competence and unity, and Discountenance all distraction from the likes of Onochie and her accomplices.


He warned on the consequences of allowing Onochie to meddle in the sane political development of Nigeria, stating that the courts has the final say on election issues.

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