The Arewa Youth Assembly, the apex body of youth groups in Northern Nigeria in conjunction with other civil society groups writes to draw your attention to The continuous Professional misconduct of Ahmed Isah, the owner of Human Rights Radio popularly known as Ordinary President.


As most of you may be aware, his station was suspended some days back for professional misconduct and assault on a woman over torture. He has positioned himself as a constituted authority, that can do and undo.


Similarly, he used his platform to blackmail the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), over the registration procedure. He went further to malign the integrity and reputation of the name and family of the organization’s official spokesman, which has led to ongoing litigation.


In another case of blackmail, he directed at Amaju Pinnick, the immediate past NFF President, Courts of competent jurisdictions absolved the man of any wrongdoing, yet, the Abuja bases hustler, who is parading himself as a journalist went ahead in his court of microphone and airwave, kept addressing Amaju as a corrupt person. That itself is an assault on our judiciary.


As if that was not enough, Hon Muhammed Gudaji Kazaure, who represents Kazaure/Roni/Gwiwa/Yankwashi Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, recently came out to reel out some unverifiable figures which he claims were proceed of corruption domiciled in the Central Bank. He said the committee that made the discovery is a product of a presidential directive, which has since been dispelled as fiction that only exists in the figment of his imagination by Garba Shehu, the Spokesman of President Muhammadu Buhari.


Curiously, from the time rep, Kazaure started his macabre dance, no member of his alleged committee has come out to add credence to his position, yet, the so-called owner of Nigeria, who thinks he is more powerful than the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria still went ahead and invited Gudaji Kazaure for a live program in his radio house to blackmail the person of Godwin Emefiele. This is defamation of character, and racketeering between Gudaji Kazaure and Ahmed Isa to blackmail and further insult, Mr. Godwin Emefiele.


We wonder what or who has given Ahmed Isa this much power to a point of calling himself a President, using his radio house as a courtroom, where various cases are heard and verdicts and passed with him as the lawyer and the judge as well. He thinks of himself as so powerful that he can decide to call any caliber of Nigerian whenever he wishes to, not minding the nature of work and how busy the individual could be at that material time.


He alone has taken up the responsibility of acting as the commander in chief of our dear country, continuously undermining and making a mockery of the office and person of President Muhammadu Buhari severally as was seen in the case of the ASUU strike, where he was quoted to have said he would pay up ASUU, inciting Nigerians against their one, and true President.


With the way things are going, if Ahmed Isa is left unchecked, we might one day witness a coup de tat, Ahmad Isa is power drunk and can do unseen things to acquire it, since he has undermined every legally constituted authority in this country.


We are calling on all the security agencies to look into the activities of Ahmed Isa and the Berkete family to authenticate their source of funding and their overall activities.


We are worried that the journalist who calls himself Ordinary President, has been exercising both executive and judicial power, in some cases, he acts like a law enforcement agent, people at will, and if not properly checkmated, he will one day declare himself the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Because the man in question seems to be forming a parallel government in our country.




1) Act fast and tame Ahmed Isah who seems to be running a parallel government in the country.


2) Revisit, investigate and prosecute Ahmed Isah, over the case of assault against a woman on his radio, which he has since accepted and apologized to serve as a deterrent to others.


3) Ensure that our country’s broadcasting codes are strictly adhered to while punishing those that veered off with full wrath of the law.


4) The Arewa Youth Assembly is vigilant, attentively paying attention, hence calling with a strong voice of caution on those individuals who go to the Brekete radio house to not discuss sensitive national issues that are capable of causing chaos, disorderliness or incite the youths to violence.




Mohammed Salihu Danlami


Arewa Youth Assembly.

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