Nigerians were completely certain that Mr President as a retired General, a war veteran and only Army officer who Commanded three of the then four Divisions for the Nigeria Army, GOC Commanding, 2nd Mechanised Infantry Division, GOC, 3rd Armed Division and GOC, 4th Infantry Division.
All these positions we are firmly relied that Mr president attained these positions on deserved not picked from ground and the experience is enough for him to tackle the security challenges before his administration.
Based on aforementioned records, voters in 2015 had great anticipation that Mr president positioned to deal decisively with all forms of threats to the nation. In one of his celebrated and tranding tweets during the electioneering campaign, he said the Nigerian government’s handling of the Boko Haram terrorist made the country and its military a laughing stocks and it was a big disgrace for the administration failed to deal with insurgents.
Nigerians have been complaining for six years that the current security chiefs has reached they limits and needs for new ones should be try, but the President has been steadfast in support of them in spite of desirable results.
We have witnessed how smaller African like Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad and the Niger Republic leaders acted when terrorist attack on military base by fired the country’s top security chiefs.
It is vividly understandable that the Buhari administration and its security apparatus are not on top of the situation because of lack of synergy among the service chiefs and security agencies. People in the northern part of the country are now completely at the mercy of armed gangs who roam towns and villages at will, wreaking havoc.
Early this month, the Sultan of Sokoto and other well meaning Nigerians lamented the high rate of insecurity particularly in the north as the bandits are fast overrunning the region.
To be honest and likely the perpetrators behind the kidnapped of over more than 300 boys from Science Secondary School Kankara in Katsina State aimed at embarrassing President Buhari because the crime committed when Mr President was in his county home of Daura just 190 km drive from Kankara to Daura. Even though the kidnapped school boys regained their freedom and met Mr President.
The latest incident of abduction which evoked memories of victims parents and Nigerians about 275 students of Chibok Girls Secondary school in Borno State kidnapped by terrorists. 110 girls at the Government Girls’ Science and Technical College Dapchi, Yobe State. But nearly all of the schoolgirls kidnapped by militants in the town of Dapchi were reunited with their families.
The abduction of students of Government Boys Science Secondary School in the Kankara Local Government Area of Katsina State is an indication that the government and security agencies has not learnt from the unfortunate incidents of abduction girls from the Chibok and Dapchi.
Early this month Boko Haram terrorists massacred over 45 farmers at Zabarmani in Borno, some ABU students along Kaduna and Abuja where armed bandits kidnapped. Bandits stormed communities in Faskari and killed more than 46 people. How comes this faceless and heartless criminals perpetrated this mass kidnapping.
The rising tide of insecurity across northern Nigeria comes amid the government’s faltering strategy to combat a decade long insurgency that has metastasized into one of the country most challenging after the countey’s bitter experience of the three-year civil war.
I believe strongly that the government and the citizens should evolve strategies in tackling the menace. It behooves on every Nigerian to rise to the occasion on supporting security agencies toward securing Nigeria. Every Nigerian is a major stakeholder and therefore owes it a duty to support Nigeria from the quagmire of insecurity.
One of the greatest misfortune we have in the country lack intelligentsia Sharing between security agencies and citizens. It is only in Nigeria some unpatriotic peoples are aiding crime one way or the other.
Everybody is spoiling Nigeria in their own corners and in their own way and without any sense of remorse.
We want change But we don’t want to change and Nothing is wrong with Nigeria but almost everything is wrong with Nigeria. In the North villagers give information to Boko Haram, Kidnappers and bandits. In the South, families, friends protect drug dealers, yahoo boys. In higher places, senators bailed peoples with questionable characters like Maina and Nnamdi Kanu.
A million questions need answers from Mr President: Are there no more competent people to step into the shoes of the service chiefs? Why expect a different result from doing the same thing every day? Why the president is still keeping the security chiefs whose tenures have expired?
Even though Kidnapping in the northern part of the country has escalated by exposing a great number of people to be avoidably kidnapped and die in a manner that history has never witnessed, Mr President, the current state of the security situation in the country has already necessitated the need for fresh hands to pilot the affairs of Nigeria military for better results.
Why the insecurity persisting across the country that President Buhari’s inability to listen to voice of reason has not helped matters and one finds it difficult to juxtapose the constitutional and primary responsibility of the government with the prevailing situation in the country under the watchful eyes of the president and state governors given the situation in which scores of people are being killed on a daily basis, hundreds kidnapped and hundreds have abandoned their homes.
Dukawa, a Public Affairs commentator.He can be reached at

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