PROMOTING NUPE LANGUAGE: Etsu Nupe honors Trainers, Trainees at Bida Palace

The commitment to preserving and promoting the Nupe language received a significant boost as Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Dr. Yahaya Abubakar CFR Bagandozhi, welcomed the Trainers and Trainees of the “Bida Teacher’s Nupe Training Scheme” to his Wadata Palace in Bida on July 5th, 2023. During the event, Etsu Nupe presented Meritorious Certificates to the participants, recognizing their dedication to the study and teaching of the Nupe language.


Etsu Nupe emphasized the importance of studying the Nupe language, stating that it should not be negotiated, argued, or hidden away like a precious possession. Drawing an analogy, he likened it to a rearer of chicks who hides them in a cage to prevent them from being stolen. Etsu Nupe reaffirmed his commitment to supporting the study of the Nupe language until its desired goals are achieved.


Expressing his appreciation for the trainers and trainees, Etsu Nupe highlighted that every developed language is studied either within a small circle or in a larger society, where the impact of its essence is felt. He further stressed that when a language is taught and studied, it safeguards it from adulteration. For instance, if Nupe language is taught in classrooms, it prevents mixing it with other languages such as Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, or any other closely associated languages that may dilute the purity of Nupe speakers.


Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, also emphasized the need for more Nupe language books, which would serve as valuable learning guides for the trainees. He highlighted the enduring nature of written materials, explaining that books continue to exist beyond our lifetimes, serving as valuable resources for future generations. He commended the trainees, referring to them as proud philosophers of the Nupe language, especially acknowledging the key role played by Professor Nda-Adamu Manarakis in the success of Nupe language education.


Notably, Etsu Nupe Alhaji Dr. Yahaya Abubakar, provided a brief historical perspective on world languages that began from humble origins and later achieved global recognition. He expressed hope that the current gesture, though modest today, would gain international recognition in the future alongside other languages taught in countries such as China, France, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates.


Etsu Nupe, assured everyone of his unwavering support for those with a genuine intention to promote the teaching of the Nupe language. He expressed his admiration for Professor Nda-Adamu’s remarkable efforts and invited him to return for a wider coverage in a larger hall, emphasizing that his impactful work should be seen and appreciated by the entire world. Etsu Nupe praised Professor Nda-Adamu’s energy, impact, and enthusiasm in ensuring that the divinely ordained Nupe language continues to thrive.


In response, Alhaji Muhammad Kudu, the Head of Training Scheme of the Local Education Authority in Bida, commended Etsu Nupe’s unwavering commitment to promoting the study of the Nupe language. He hailed Etsu Nupe as the foremost father of the Nupe Kingdom, constantly supporting those working tirelessly to uplift KinNupe towards its promised land.


The trainers and trainees were commended for their humility and dedication to the study.

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